10 Affordable Water Bottles For School Kids

10 Affordable Water Bottles For School Kids

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My daughter is all grown up now and the school timing has also extended for her which means more hours of study, leisure & physical activities! One thing I always make sure for her is to give her a variety of dishes for lunch in her lunch box since she started her schooling and also to give her a good water bottle which keeps the water pure & is easy for her to carry & drinking!

Now that the days are getting warmer, the kids need water more than the winters because of the timings as well! Keeping these things in mind I got her better lunch box & water bottles which serve their purpose during the scorching summers as well!

While scrolling through my search for perfect water bottles I got to see some really good ones online so have pointed down ten of them which are affordable and quite great for the school kids!

1. Insulated Thermo Bottle For Kids

A thermo insulated bottle to keep the temperature of water suitable as per the cimate!

Price: INR 499

Buy it from here

2. Pigeon Stainless Steel Bottle For Kids

Steel finished bottle set of 2 which is easy to carry in the school bags!

Price: INR 598 (set of 2)

Buy it from here

3. Milton School Water Bottle

A tightly secured bottle which is spill proof to the core!

Price: INR 217

Buy it from here

4. Pigeon Green Water Bottle

An insulated layer from the inside makes the water clean!

Price: INR 420

Buy it from here

5. Double Layer Insulated Bottle

Price: INR 899

Buy it from here

6. Milton School Water Bottle With Straw

The straw bottle makes it really helpful for young kids who are still not used to gulp down water directly from the bottle!

Price: INR 161

Buy it from here

7. Tupperware Barbie Water Bottle

Any girl just loves a barbie printed item and a bottle is what she would love to carry to school each day!

Price: INR 295

Buy it from here

8. Notebook Water Bottle

A new type of notebook bottle can be easily kept secured in a plastic & saves the kids from carrying it separately in their hands!

Price: INR 310

Buy it from here

9. Milton Unbreakable Water Bottle

This is especially for those kids who are over active and keep dropping their bottles & break them!

Price: INR 399

Buy it from here

10. Cello Water Bottle

This basic water bottle is easy to carry with a nylon carry handle & the cap keeps the water bottle nozzle clean!

Price: INR 209

Buy it from here

Hope you like these bottle suggestions and the best thing is that they are super affordable and are from brands which are known to make the best of plastic-ware which are made from high quality and do no harm!

Have you tried any of these bottles before?

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