10 Amazing First Birthday Cake Ideas

By Gayatri L

10 Amazing First Birthday Cake Ideas

Finally your baby’s first birthday is coming; the first and major milestone of the kid and you must be planning to do big to make it a big day for him/her. The very first thing in your mind is obviously the birthday cake. Deciding a particular type of cake is difficult when there are so many types available. We can guess, you have already browsed many pictures of cakes by now. If so, let’s not get confused and check what the various cakes in demand are right now.

Carefully choose the one which your kid will enjoy well and when he/she grows up, can see the pictures and be happy of what his/her parents have chosen for first birthday.

Smash Cakes



Smash cakes are fun cakes to try this year. For the very first birthday, get a smash cake and let your little prince or princess dig little finger into it or even smash it with face. There’s no harm since these are usually made with natural ingredients like whipped cream or butter.

Castle Cakes



For your little princess get a castle cake. Check for designs available. Ask to design it with few Disney princesses in it. Use your creativity to give the cake a better look. Let the little princess enjoy the Disney princess cake.

The Number Cake



Let the cake itself that your baby has reached his/her first milestone. It cannot look boring at all if you can make it look cute by adding details such as princess designs or cartoon characters on it. If you want you can ask for a 3D design instead of a simple one.

Cup Cake



Here is another type of cake. You can call it the cupcake model. For kids it becomes easy to pick a cup cake and enjoy it. Ask for some more layers if your guests are going to be more in number. Add more details to by creating ribbons or bows.

Doll or Barbie Cake



All the girls love to play with Barbie dolls. In fact the little angels are like cute Barbie dolls. Check for various frock designs and choose the best for little princess.

Character Cake



Choose a cartoon character that interests your kid’s attention the most. Use some creativity and design it in a better way. Here is a cub sitting on the ground with plants around. One more idea can be Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse with the club house.

Winnie the Pooh Cake


These look super cute. In this cake, the two characters are sitting on the number. Isn’t this cake cute?



Check this cake of the same theme. These type of cakes attract children a lot.

Tiara Cake



This cute pair of pink shoes seems so tempting to wear rather than eat. Don’t forget to check many such Tiara cake designs that may attract your little princess.

Circus Carousel Cake



This is one more thing everyone remembers about childhood. If you are also planning to take your kid to sit on a toy horse and play this in the coming years, then this type of cake could be a good choice for your cake design as well. Play with multiple colors to design it.

Cake Pops



Cake pops are in new rage now. These have tiny balls of cake with frosting which are frozen for some time. Place the colorful pops and let the kids take it out and enjoy them.

Which among these birthday cakes did you like the most?

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