10 Amazing Kids Room Decor Ideas

10 Amazing Kids Room decor ideas


It is not easy to afford the latest state-of-the-art room decor for your kid. However, some of the ideas provided below will help you to decorate your kid’s room in a creative yet economical way.

The Remnant Help:

Visit the local stores dealing in fabrics for remnant tables. These tables work perfectly well with sewing projects like banding drapes and recovering pillows which form an integral part of home decor. The best part is that these remnants come at a price that is one-third the original product’s price but offer the same look as the latter.



Work on the Lights:

Consider investing in bulbs with low-wattage feature. This contributes to the mood change of the room to one that is romantic instead of one that is restful.



Online Assistance:

If you are unable to undertake any of the above DIY renovation works on your own or need assistance in ideas for changing the look of your kid’s room, the internet is the best place to take help from. You will come across a lot of information that will be extremely helpful in giving you the confidence and the required help in making changes in the room.You may also get ideas from here.

Environment-friendly Room:

To make the room more environment-friendly have potted-plants placed in a convenient area of your child’s room. Plants with green leaves instead of flowers tend to live for a longer time period with a ‘single’ leaf’s design offering more prominence to the decor elements of the room. A big vase with slender flax or single ‘palm’ leaf is a good option in greenery addition of the room.



Creating Space for Storage:

If the room has space restrictions, i.e. it has the typical small space issues, you are left with only two options, either build under or build up on what is in the room. For dramatic effect, you can move in tall bookshelves, or make use of the ‘under-the-bed’ to shove in things that are temporarily unused and are simply occupying space.



Fabric Functionality:

Using fabrics to make changes in the room is not only a low cost but also an easy way to improve the room decor. Combine patterns, textures and styles of a variety of fabrics to make the room a fun yet elegantly decorated one . Furniture work and window treatments will be a bonus to accessorize the room.

Floor Focussing:

Apart from the walls, your kid’s room needs focus on the floors too. If changing the floors completely does not fit well within your budget, try changing the floor surface. You can opt for staining or sanding the wooden floors, or have the carpet or linoleum replaced with attractive design based tiles. On the other hand, adding a rug can act as a ‘quick fix’. With the number of options available in colors, shapes and styles your flooring changes can accentuate the walls.



Effective Furniture Investment:

A study table or a bean bag will be cost-effective to glamorize the room. The internet offers several cheap yet colourful furniture pieces for a kid’s room.

Faking It:

The faking process can be completed in various ways. To make the room appear bigger, you can use the ‘painter’s tape’ and paint vertical or horizontal strips. Try using your creativity to make square or rectangular shapes and frame in boxes to the walls or adding prominence to a picture. Molding on the other hand, can create the illusion of improved dimension or depth for the walls. Apart from molding and painter’s tape, you can also choose other elements to fake detailing in the room and re-structure the room.



Fix Things Up First:

However, the best way to get started with changes in the room will include repairing the broken and making them useful. If your leather based furniture looks too old and worn out, use olive oil to bring it back to life. Chairs and other wooden furniture pieces can be made to look new with the help of fabrics or spray painting. Scrubbing the floor with almond will help remove the scratches from all your wooden furniture pieces and floor.

These ideas will liven up your kid’s room and make him want to stay indoors rather than spend his time outside. Moreover, their cost-effectiveness makes them more popular in implementation.

Do you have more ideas to share?

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