10 Best Super Food For Kids

By Melody

10 best super food for kids

You would obviously want your kid to grow and develop at his best. Thus you want foods which are healthy for your baby and at the same time the ones that would not repel your kids at once. In today’s world making your child eat health food can become a real challenging issue. Unfortunately due to life’s many stresses, the quantities of nutrients in the foods we are feeding the children are falling down. This is why supplementing your child with “super foods” is a great option to provide them with the daily essential nutrients for healthy brain and bone development

The top 10 super foods for kids are:

Whole grain bread:

Whole grain bread break down into glucose and is a major source of energy for your kid. Kids have a very high metabolism rate thus fuel is very necessary for them. Whole grain bread fuels your kids body with optimum energy for the entire day


Strawberries are great if your kids love sweet food. They provide sweet taste without addition of refined sugar to your kids’ diet. More than that, strawberries are a great source of antioxidants. Along with yummy strawberries, blueberries and other varieties of sweet berries can also be added.




Yogurt is made from milk, hence is a great source of protein and calcium. Both these nutrients are very essential for the growth of body and strong bones in your child’s body. Nowadays yogurts are available with good bacteria which are healthy for your child’s stomach.



Natural nut butter:

Most of the processed butter off the store’s shelves is loaded with sugar and unhealthy trans-fat. To allow your child to get the healthy fats in his/her body, it is important to feed him with natural nut butter. Fats are also important for our body


Eggs contain protein which is important in the growth of body tissues; it is one food which contains vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium. Eating protein makes the child feel full and keeps them full for long.




Oatmeal is fortified with such enzymes that it can tremendously boost your child’s focus and concentration and this is a fact proven by scientific research. Oatmeal’s are rich in fibre and slow to digest which gives steady stream of energy.




Tomatoes have a substance called lycopene which offers cancer protection. Cooking tomatoes even makes them healthier because the heat releases lycopene. Pairing tomatoes with health fats like olive oil helps the body absorb lycopene even better.




cabbage has a mild flavour which the child likes rather than the usual salad. Vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli have poly-nutrients which not only boost digestion power but out-rule the risk of several types of cancers. It also acts as an antioxidant and clears toxins from the body.


Salmon contains health omega-3 fatty acids which can accelerate your child’s brain development. When your child is growing, brain also develops at a similar pace. Thus omega 3 becomes essential. It is also used to fend off depression and has superb anti-inflammatory power.

Black beans:

Black beans are a very good source of calcium, protein and fibre. Most of the kids’ don’t get fibre and calcium in abundance. The darker the colour of the beans, the better they are. These beans also make your kids heart stronger like anything.

The time when a kid learns to take solid food is very crucial. This is the best time to give him most of the nutrients as he is growing at a very fast pace and his body requires the most. Give him healthy food so that he is not drawn towards junk foods and along with that he also gets all the nutrients required for his body to function properly.

Do you give these super food for your child?

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