10 Cheap Birthday Décor Ideas


By Gayatri L

10 Cheap Birthday Décor Ideas

If you are planning a birthday party soon and want to keep it good yet under budget, then there are plenty of ways to cut down the prices. Let us discuss few ideas to plan a budget friendly birthday party.

The Venue as Home



To save some bucks, first of all make your home as the venue. Since your home is absolutely free, you save money plus you get to decorate it yourself as per your likes and dislikes.

Birthday Cake



The next important thing is the birthday cake. However, you will not compromise in choosing the cake your kid likes but you can still check for many types and designs to get the best. But if you know how to make it, then it is a huge plus point. Make it at home itself and save few more bucks. If possible, try making small cupcakes for the kids.

Balloon Garden



If you have a lawn, then this could be the best place to organize your party and save some bucks as well since it hardly needs any decoration. Just tie few balloons to around the garden to the trees or whatever is available around you. You can use helium balloons and tie them to rocks to hold them down.

Balloon Rows



With the help of a needle, insert the balloons into a thread and tie them as per your design in mind. These are quite easy to do.

Floating Balloons



This is the simplest one of all. Get helium balloons and let them stick to the ceiling. If you want you can tie few together so that they float in the room.




Ribbons can be used in many simple ways to decorate a room. Use them wisely along with balloons and you’re your décor is almost ready.

The Guest List

Now to keep it simple, pretty and budget friendly, keep your guest list as small as possible. Invite those close to the kid only.

The Invitation Cards



You need not spend much to print invitation cards. Simply choose few card templates, print them yourself and color them. Let your kid do the coloring part and write their names.

Party Games



Check for few party game ideas and plan few for the kids. This way, most of the time the kids enjoy and you need not worry much.

Party Dishes



Kids pay more attention to the games but not the dishes but still to grab their interest plan those which are cheap and easy to make. Few include lemonades, cocktails, strawberry shortcakes, cookies, personalized popcorn bags, candy kebabs, etc. Don’t forget to present them interestingly. Try making paper bags each for a kid and fill them with popcorns, cookies, etc. Put stickers and write their names so that they grab theirs with interest.

Activities and Gifts



Provide paper sheets, ribbons, scissors, sketch pens, paints, etc. so that the kids can indulge in activities. Let them make things out of all those things. These are affordable and at the same time loved by kids. At the end of the birthday party, let the kids take the same things home as gifts with them. If possible try indulging them in doing different things like making snacks. Provide all the required ingredients which can be fruits, yogurt, sugar, honey, chocolate syrup, sweet bread slices, toothpicks, etc. Let them prepare some dish for themselves right at the table without any cooking process.

These are few ideas to make the birthday party budget friendly yet quite interesting. This way kids enjoy a lot.

Do you have more ideas to share about kids birthday party?

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