10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

10 early signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a dream for many women provided it’s wanted. Unwanted pregnancies can lead a woman to a life of darkness and end in great frustration and pain. Hence knowing the early signs of pregnancy is important for all women. Most pregnancy symptoms show up with the instance of you missing a period, i.e. when you are a week or two late in getting your usual monthly cycle. It often happens that women discover that they are pregnant after they have completed as many as 6 weeks of their conception! This usually happens in the case of first time pregnancies. Knowing whether you are pregnant becomes even more difficult for those who are not keeping a proper track of their menstrual cycles as cessation of menstruation is the first symptom that shows up when someone is pregnant.

There are a few associated symptoms as well but they start showing up a bit later! In such a case you can surely take a home pregnancy test or undertake a blood test to confirm whether you are pregnant.

10 early pregnancy symptoms that most women go through are listed below.

However these symptoms may vary individual wise.

  • Spotting, slight bleeding and cramps: These are perhaps the earliest signs of pregnancy and woman often mistakes these for the start of her menstruation but then discovers that the bleeding has stopped. With the implantation of fertilized egg on the uterine wall a woman usually gets these symptoms
  • Increased Vaginal Discharge: This is another very early sign of pregnancy. The cells in the walls of the vagina start multiplying to create a thickened cushioned lining for the baby. Due to this multiplication of cells, the discharge increases and it’s usually milky white and odorous.
  • Breast Changes: This too is an early pregnancy sign. 1-2 weeks after conception a women’s breasts may become sore, tingly, may look fuller, feel heavier, the areola may become darker and so on
  • A period missed: Missing a period or two is well known early pregnancy symptom
  • Fatigue: Getting fatigued easily is another early sign of pregnancy. An elevated level of progesterone, a female hormone, low level of blood glucose, low BP, Over production of blood are the main causes of this quick tiredness or fatigue in pregnant women
  • Nausea: Nausea or the tendency of vomiting is also the result of the rapid hormonal changes in the body. Most women get used to it and finally overcome it by the first month of pregnancy, while a lucky few do not have it at any point of time. This occurs mostly in the early morning hours and hence is also called Morning Sickness.
  • Fainting & Dizziness: The TV Soaps have already made this pregnancy sign widely popularly. Well this too is an early pregnancy sign and occurs due to low blood glucose, dilation of blood vessels, and low BP.
  • Bloating of the abdomen: This queasy feeling is also one of the quite early symptoms of pregnancy and it continues throughout the pregnancy period. This is one cause that leads up to the morning sickness
  • The aversion to certain foods & smells: The high levels of oestrogen in the body of a pregnant woman cause her to get a gag feeling to some food smells. This is common up to a certain stage of the pregnancy.
  • Frequent mood swings: This too is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy and is the result of the raging hormones. Some cope with it well and for some it results in emotional outbreaks.

Getting an appointment with a registered gynaecologist should surely follow the self examination to be sure whether the ‘little one’ is coming to you or not.

Did you know about these early signs of pregnancy?
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