10 Finger Food Ideas for Babies

Introducing your baby to finger foods is a new experience not only for your babe but even for you as its mom because thatas another time when you realize that your little one is growing up fast. Finger foods as the name suggests are finished food items coming in pick-able size and perfect bite size. As a mom it would indeed be a joyous and fulfilling experience on your part to see your babe growing independent gradually.

Initially the learning experience could be a little messy with your picky baby littering the floor with food, spoiling its clothes with food splattered all over and so on but you must never come running with a washcloth in the very first instance. The finger foods are actually the kinds of foods that can teach your baby how to eat on its own and you should allow your babe to play its food fun game to its heartas content

Stand aside and watch your baby do it until your baby develops the right skill to pick the finger foods with the help of its forefinger and thumb. This pincer grasp skill is actually the result of the development of the fine motor nerve skills and better motor coordination that takes place around 9-10 months in almost all babies and is facilitated in a far better way by some smart parental trainings like the finger food training.

If your baby is nearly 10 months of age and you are planning to introduce him or her to finger foods, here are some great nutritious finger food ideas for babies:

  • A bowl of colorful fruit salad could be a great finger food for your baby. You can include many types of well peeled, pitted fruits diced into small pieces into the salad giving your baby a real wholesome dose of all essential vitamins and minerals in the forms of this finger food. The fruits you may include in the salad bowl are diced bananas, mangoes, cantaloupes, peach, pear, plum, avocadoes, kiwi, squished blueberries and so on
  • Hard-boiled egg served in chopped or grated form could also be an amazing finger food for your baby. Even Scrambled eggs are a great finger food option for babies. It is easier for the little ones to digest the egg yolk easily but when the full egg goes into preparation you do need to seek the pediatricianas advice once. Folate, zinc, protein, DHA, Choline etc in eggs will help your baby in its growth stages most ideally.
  • A bowl of veggie salad could be another wholesome finger food idea for your baby. You may include in the food items like diced cooked carrots, cooked beetroot sliced into pick-able sticks, cooked and diced broccoli, green beans, butternut, peas, baked and diced white potatoes, fried sweet potato slices. Mix all the veggies, add a pinch of ground ginger, brush it up with light olive oil and salt for taste.
  • Tofu cubes diced in to bite-able size mingled with tough cheeses like cottage cheese cut into strips or cubes and dusted with wheat germ or cereal germ to give it a crunch can make an excellent nutritious finger food for your baby. Tofu and Cheese have all the essential Vitamins that your baby needs.
  • Toast points or bagels lightly toasted can also make a very good finger food for your baby. You can even coat those with a thin layer of cream cheese or fruit puree to make them look good and taste great.
  • A bowl of cooked chicken or turkey or fish or beef, well shredded or diced and smeared with any sauce or puree Viagra Jelly purchase that your baby is fond of is another good finger food idea for babies. Animal protein is essential for the babyas brain development, muscular strength and this finger food idea thus would be a wise choice on your part
  • You can serve your baby with a toasted cereal with minimum sugar content. The best option is to give your little one the crunchy toasted O-shaped Oats cereal which your babe will really enjoy.
  • You can give your baby pasta as finger food. Mix veggies into it. But always remember to cut the boiled well cooked pastas into tiny pick-able pieces so that your baby can easily manage picking the weird shaped pastas and biting easily into those
  • Break or crush Graham Crackers to smaller sizes so that your little one can easily pick and bite into those. This is another good finger food idea for babies.
  • A bowl of mixed cooked lentils of different kinds, smeared with a pinch of salt for taste could be another very nutritious finger food idea for your little one.

So these are the 10 wholesome finger food ideas for babies that all help them learn eating on their own and at the same time will make them healthy.

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