10 Foods To Keep Your Baby Warm In Winters

10 Foods To Keep Your Baby Warm In Winters

Covering your kids with lots of layers of clothes definitely protects them from cold weather but there is more that you can do about it. There are many food items that can be given to kids to keep them warm. These foods can be given as a part of their normal diet. Besides keeping them warm, these foods also provide a lot of nutrients to your toddlers. The most well-known foods to keep your toddler warm in winter are-



Many spices have warming properties. Ginger, garlic, cinnamon and even chilies keep body warm. Chili is not an option with most kids but you can give them cinnamon, garlic and ginger easily.


Honey warms up the body and acts against cold and flu as well. This is sweetness without the fear of weight gain.

Dry Fruits And Nuts


Almonds are good in every season but they are must in winters. Besides almonds, give raisins and cashew to your kids. Nuts have high amounts of fat and protein that keep body warm.

Sweet Potato

This yummy root helps in keeping body warm in winters. It has dietary fibres, vitamins A & C and carbohydrates.


This fruit boosts immunity and keeps haemoglobin levels high. Pomegranate also contains phosphorus, calcium and polyphenols.


Millet or bajra is well known as being a warm food item. Millet is not only  rich in calcium but also helps in its absorption by the body.


Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D are the biggest reasons to make fish a diet staple. Vitamin D levels go down in winter and fish is the best way to replenish them.


Peanuts have high quantity of antioxidants and keep your immunity high. Vitamins B3 and E are also found in peanuts. Consuming peanuts regularly in winters does a lot of good to the body.



Another food item that is rich in antioxidants, spinach boosts immunity and keeps body warm. Iron and calcium are also present in spinach in good quantities.

Sesame Seeds


Besides being high in calcium, sesame seeds produce heat in body. Magnesium, iron, manganese and copper are also essential nutrients that are found in sesame seeds.

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Do you know any more foods to keep your toddlers warm in winters?

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