10 Golden Travel Tips & Must Have Things For Travel Loving Mom

You are a new age mother who still wants to go out and doesn’t believe in staying indoors all the time. We are after all human beings and a new addition in life doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice all that we loved. I had a C section and I went out for a movie just after 28 days. All you need is a little determination, will power and strength. It initially used to scare me when women talked about how they didn’t step out from home for fun after their baby was born for six months, an year and some of them for even 2 years. I don’t believe in living that kind of life and this is the reason I haven’t compromised much with my before baby life.

Of course there is lot of planning needed and I do sleep less and work more. I do get exhausted but giving yourself a weekly or by monthly break in the form of a movie, shopping or friends meet is equally important. You never know when you will get so bored of your baby diaper changing life that you might end up taking out your frustration on your husband, work, family or worse on baby too.

I am listing down few things which have helped me in traveling with my baby. All these tips are for those who have baby less than 12 months old.

1. When a baby arrives in a family we tend to buy fanciest of items without realizing  it will be helpful or not. I have bought ‘n’ number of things for my baby in which a few of them were of no use to me. One of the wrong purchases was the big stroller which was gifted to my by my inlaws. The stroller in itself was so bulky that I use to get really tired in folding and stuffing it into the car. Don’t get me wrong…It might be that these kind of strollers works great for you but it didn’t work for me. I need a stroller which can be opened and closed in 30 seconds. I then bought the light baby stroller and I have used it the most. I  was able to use this one in the flight, on beach, movie halls. It makes life so much easier .

I am sure there will be moms whose baby rides in the arms only. If that is your case then you can use the stroller to carry stuff. All in all these are great investment especially the light stroller where you are taking a flight or train.

2) Breastfeeding – This is the ultimate weapon to calm down any baby.. Lolz. It works all the time, only thing is you need to be comfortable nursing baby in any situation. I initially started nursing my baby in the car, then in the movie halls and then in flights. You just need a good nursing robe . Believe me you won’t be embarrassed. It looks as if you have a shawl on and most of the people won’t even realise that you are nursing. So for a travel loving mommie these are a must.

We had a night flight and my baby, not habitual to bassinet, was cranky all that time. I was carrying the nursing robe which was the only thing which helped me in putting her back to sleep.

You still are uncomfortable breastfeeding in public then only solution is to feed her before going out and then make use of the toilets. In India as there are not many places where you will find nursing area therefore I think it will be a little difficult for you .

3. Bottle feeding – Baby loves their car rides therefore, instead of bottle feeding her before, try feeding her in the car. It will pass your and her time as well. In fact if you are trying to introduce your baby to bottle feeding, then try bottle feeding in the car it works and helps your baby in getting used to of the bottle and forget the best bottle. I mean your natural bottle I have done a detail post on how I got my baby accustomed to bottle feeding here.

4.Baby Sling – A soft baby sling is so important especially if you are travelling for 3-4 days.It will keep you energetic all the time, keep your hands free and put shared strain on your shoulders  instead of arms. You and your husband can take turns also.My baby simply loves this. Initially she wasn’t comfortable but now she can stay in it for hours.

5.Baby Essentials  – Baby sipper, Traveling bibs, Soother, Wipes, Tissues etc etc.You must go out after going through your checklist.May be I will share my check list some time.

6.Feeding time – Concentrate on the feeding time.If you stick to it then your baby won’t trouble you much.

7.Car seat – This is a must have. I know they are expensive in India but your child safety come first. Also, they last long.In flight , trains, cars they are quite handy and helpful. Gives your baby nice sleep and keep your hands free as well

8.Travel food for baby – Now that Gerber products are available in India, one gets lot of freedom from cooked food . I myself prefer home made food for my baby but while traveling they are great. Just open and use them up. You don’t need hot water or container. Just a spoon and you can directly feed the baby with it.

9. Bottle Sterilizer – This initially turned out to be a problem but then I got to know many travel sterilizing ways which I am going to review soon.You can sterilize while you are in a flight or a car.It’s that easy

10. In the end ..Just believe in yourself.I initially use to be afraid and had cold feet while stepping out with my baby but with time it becomes a part of your life and you will start enjoying it.Checking out more people and places will make your baby comfortable too with his or her surroundings

I will do a post on how to air travel with a baby after a while Do let me know travel tips which you follow with your baby

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