10 Great Baby Sleep Solutions

10 great baby sleep solutions

Teaching your baby to sleep without making him cry is not a very difficult task as people think it to be. As with any method, what works for one child might not work with some other child. So figuring which one is appropriate for your loved one, a trial and error method must be used in the first instance.



To help you and your kid get the much needed sleep, here follows few simple tricks:

  • Avoid eye contact: The last thing you want to do before your baby is to make exciting eye movement which he will be attracted to. One small movement and all his attention will go towards you. So it is best to avert your eyes when you’re calming him and making him go to sleep
  • Relax your baby by giving him a bath: Warm water, combined with some soothing and loving strokes can almost calm down anyone. Give your babe a warm bath prior to bedtime and Keep your voice tone low such that your baby feels comfortable and dozes off to sleep.
  • Go to sleep with your child: Research reveals that babies who co sleep with the parents feel safe, less anxious and go to sleep faster. Make his bassinet close to your bed and sleep along with him.
  • Dream-feed your baby: If you have a baby who gets up in the night and starts crying, a dream-feeding could work wondrously. Instead of letting her wake up hungry, feed your baby before you sleep while she is already asleep. Extra feeding will allow uninterrupted sleep.
  • Keep the sleeping area clean: Keep the sleep surface neat, tidy except for the blanket. Keep all the toys, bumpers, stuffed animals away as this might distract your baby from going to sleep.
  • Hands on your baby: When you transfer your baby into the cot or crib at bedtime, make sure you spend some time patting and soothing her. Keeping your hand on his/ her head, stomach and arms will comfort her. Having yourself close to her can do wonders as the baby will feel secure during the night.



  • Keeping bed time routine: An overtired baby finds it difficult to fall asleep as he is already tired and irritated in the mind. It is best to establish a fixed bed time for your baby. Experts believe 6.30 to 7 pm is best for a child who is less than 1 year of age.
  • Keeping the room temperature cool: It’s a well-known fact that while sleeping comfort is an utmost necessity and for that you need to maintain a cool bedroom temperature. Same is the case with babies. 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for your baby. You don’t want your baby to get up crying in the night because he/she is feeling hot and suffocated.
  • Keep the lights out of the room: Let your little angel or prince, know that it’s time to sleep. Keep the lights off and use dark coloured curtains so that light does not penetrate inside. Your baby will know that it’s time to go to sleep and she will do that without any tantrums.
  • Massage your baby: We all know massage calms and soothes us down. Same is with babies. A light 15 minutes massage before going to sleep will help him/ her sleep better.  Use soft strokes and moderate pressure. However you need to keep in mind that it’s a little babe that you are massaging to make him or her sleep better. Hence your strokes shouldn’t be aggressive at all but very gentle.

Try these tricks for your baby. These might just work for your baby, allowing your dear little kid to fall asleep faster and also sleep as deeply as possible, giving you a lot of mental peace

What tricks do you try to put your baby to sleep?

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