10 Great Food Ideas For Seven Month Old Baby

Frankly speaking I was waiting for my daughter to turn six months old so that I could start introducing semi /solid food to her. I really find it interesting and, after every three – four days, think of feeding something new to her. I didn’t start with cerelac as they are highly sweetened .I wanted to introduce her to fresh fruits and vegetables so as to prevent her from becoming a fussy food eater later on.

My baby accepted boiled/steamed mashed sweet potato, carrot and potatoes in formula milk. Now that she is seven months old I have introduced few more things which are as follows:-

1) Suji/Semolina – My baby likes suji a lot .Till date whatever mashed vegetable I have given her mixed in suji, she has taken it without being fussy.Generally I give her mashed carrot, boiled peas( I peel out the skin of the peas so that it get mashed easily), potatoes etc.It simply works with her.I even gave her mashed steamed broccolli with a pinch of salt and to my surprise she had that also!

2) Fruit Juices – Till date I have given her fresh orange juice in her sipper.I never force the juice and let her drink as much as she wants. I follow the same with milk also. I generally take extra milk .It does pinch when on some days she leaves a lot of it but some days she finishes it all to my pleasure

3) It’s a great idea to make your baby eat what ever is cooked at home to save time and energy.I have given her idli, dosa and yellow moong daal .I made sure that it doesn’t have much of salt or chilli powder in it.

4)Babies love banana and chikoo(mud apple) .Grating it and mixing it with formula milk is what my baby enjoys the most. I generally avoid giving banana when she has running nose or bad throat.It is believed in Ayurveda that  banana  aggravates cough.

5.I have started giving finger food to her. Finger food helps baby in developing self eating habit and of course it leads to lot of mess around and one does need to start loving or adjusting with it

It’s ok if baby does that. It can be cleaned but best thing is that your baby is learning a new thing every day. In finger food till now I have introduced apple and orange. She prefers apple more but likes it raw and hates a mashed boiled apple.

6.)Cook rice and add mashed peas, potatoes and carrot in it with a bit of ghee. Baby generally loves it a lot .

7)Similarly you can add equal amount of dal and make a runny khichdi. On days when my baby is fussy about milk I add milk in the khichdi .

8)I although didn’t want to but have started giving cerelac to my  baby .It comes out handy when we are traveling.I generally grate banana or mud apple into it too.

9)Sprouted raagi, moong beans etc is something which is common .If you aren’t aware then you can read Chandani’s detailed post here.

10)Along with this my baby likes to eat roti/chapati too.One can even give cheese and eggs.Although I haven’t introduced eggs and chicken to her till now.I am planning it after an year or so.

11)Instead of milk you can give vegetables and rice in curd also.It’s little cold here right now so I am going to introduce curd to her later.

Your child will ultimately eat what you eat.So try introducing healthy food habits and just don’t be dependent only on cerelac. I think lot of cerelac just keeps the baby away from natural fruits and vegetables which if introduced in this age will help her/him in the coming years

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