10 Interesting DIY Project Ideas for Kids


10 Interesting DIY Project Ideas for Kids

Toys are always fun to play with. But there is a saturation point with every new thing for kids. They get bored easily with every toy of theirs.

So, to save you from buying new toys every time, here are some of the ideas of homemade games for kids.

Cardboard Box



Giving your child a huge cardboard box is a very good idea to keep him busy. Put him inside the box and give him a marker pen. This was you can even save your wall, and your child can scribble to his heart’s content.

Fruit Tray



How cute is this idea. You kid will learn to sort the fruits and also eat those healthy fruits meanwhile.

Bath Tub Paint



This is the most exciting idea for kids. Make some bath tub paint by mixing cornstarch, shampoo and some food color. Make a tray of different colors and leave your kid in the bath tub with this color tray.

Colorfull balls



Can you count how many balls are there? With these many balls around your kid, there is no limit for the enjoyment he will have

Paint in Bags



Paints seem to interest kids a lot. Here is another fantastic idea with paint. Pour some paint into a large zip lock. Seal it well and attach it to a window glass. Your kid will have lot of fun trying to move around the fingers on this paint bag.

Feeding the Shark



This is a simple alphabet learning game for toddlers. Make small fishes that have alphabets on them. Also you will need a huge shark with wide open mouth. Now, the shark needs to be fed with series of alphabetical fishes.

Tape Car Track



Your child would have randomly zoomed his car on the floor for all these days. Now, you can easily create some interesting tracks for his cars to be zoomed. Using masking tape create some tracks for his car.

Make your own toddler legging



If you have some old or unused knee high socks, then don’t discard them. You can easily turn them into a legging for your child. In short, your knee length socks is your child’s cute leggings.

Bed cover ideas.



There need not be a separate purchase for different age of your child. The crib cover you bought for your infant can be used even after your child moves to sleep in bed.

Make some modifications and change the opening and also additionally add some mosquito net so that it fits into the current requirement.

Toddler Hair Bows



This is an easy toddler fashion. The bow looks super cute and chic. Make a single loop, partition the it and bring the tip of the hair from the middle to make the band of the bow in the middle.

Simple and easy toddler fashion. You can buy some cute kids hair accessories from flipkart.com here

Do you have more ideas to share?

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