10 Interesting Short Hairstyles For Your Kid

10 Interesting Short Hairstyles for Your Kid

 It is not at all an easy job to manage your kid’s hair. As a child, I have had trouble in the initial school years, but mom finally came around to having my hair cut short so that it can be managed. Even today, regular people as well as celebrities prefer having their hair short and stylized through various haircuts. Read on to learn more about hairdos and haircuts to pick the one that will suit your child. These hairstyles have been segregated into girls and boys segments for your assistance.

Hairstyles for Girls

The Bunched Up Knot:

In this hairstyle, the front bangs are usually short with the parting made sideways. Leaving the front hair alone, you need to hold up the remaining of the hair. Take this remaining hair to the top of one side and make a knot, securing it with an elastic band. And, your bunched up knot is ready!



The Mouse-ear Top Knots:

For girls who have extremely short hair, this is what will make you look stylish and happening. After combing the hair, make two sections equally on the top part of the head. Coil one of the parts to form a bun and secure it with an elastic band. Do the same to the other side. Tie ribbons on both the buns. They will appear like the ears of a mouse. Your kid will look adorable in this hairstyle.



The Bob Cut:

And if you really have no time for dedicating to your daughter’s hair, give it a classic shape. The bob cut is popular in the world of cinema. You can give one of these hairstyles to your daughter and use crème to set hair in place. Your daughter looks fashionable without you spending much time on her hair.



The Pixie Cut:

This haircut is in vogue ever since the popular actress Emma Watson has sported it along with other famous personalities like Rihanna. Your girl will not only flaunt a celebrity look but will also spare you the hassle of tying her hair up. This cut is characterized by its ability to give the features of the one wearing it, a prominent shape. Since it is close-cropped, you can also try decorating your kid’s hair with fancy clips.



The Blunt Cut:

This haircut can extend up to the shoulder length, but you can add variation to it by keeping the hair just long enough to cover the ears. One of the simplest haircuts, you can make it more interesting with the addition of fringes. The front fringes enhance this haircut for your kid.



The Wedge Cut:

If the child has straight hair, the best haircut would be a straight bob or a layered wedge, with or without a fringe. The fringe shouldn’t fall over the child’s eyes. For a girl with curly or wavy hair, the hair can be cropped to just below the chin or shorter, allowing for a simple, easy-to-maintain style.



Hairstyles for Boys

The Crew Cut:

For boys, haircuts need to be inventive. One of the coolest summer hairstyles includes the army or crew cut for boys. As the name suggests, this haircut is popular among the defense people who have very little time to look after their hair. The length of hair in this hairstyle does not exceed an inch. Make your son acquainted with action figures like toy soldiers to convince him to get this hairstyle.



The Buzz Cut:

Another military haircut is the buzz cut. This hairstyle is often opted by sports personalities like boxers, footballers and athletes too. In this hairstyle, the hair is shaved off uniformly all over the head so that the heat can escape when your son is busy playing a soccer match, for instance. However, this cut also entices older people to wave their hand on your son to get a feel of the spiky hair.



The Mushroom Cut:

This is one of the basic haircuts in which the hair is layered on two levels at the crown side of the head. You can also get creative with designs like waves on the neck of your child with the help of a trimmer.



The Spike Cut:

Among the latest haircuts, the spike cut is pretty popular among the boys. The spikes can be added to the front side of the kid’s hair or it can be used to enhance other hairstyles like the mushroom cut. To maintain the spike, your child will need some external adhesive agents like hair gel or spray. However, they look good on kids.



Well, I have given more than enough options for you to choose. Hope you make the best choice for your girl or boy accordingly.

Which is your favorite hair style for kids with short hair?

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