10 Must Read Baby Books For Toddlers

10 must read baby books for toddlers

 The truth lies in the fact that children can’t read before 5 or 6 years of age. Some children can but most of them can’t. The key to reading readiness durinag toddler years is an indirect instruction to children in which parents must play the lead role. This is done to show them that books are important in life and make them love books.

The books are printed in such a way so that their attention is captured at once and they’ll feel interested to learn what the stories in the books have in store. Basically a parent’s job is to make the child love books and show them its value. This can be done through reading out the books daily to your toddler.

Here is a list of few fabulous books for kids which can be read out to your toddler:All these books can be purchased from flipkart here

1.       ‘Are you my mother?’  by P.D. Eastman

This is one of my favourite books for little ones. They love the” snort” part and often tell me to read this part over and over again every time they find this book out of their book collection.

2.       ‘One night you were born’  by Nancy Tilman

This is a sweet book with lot of pictures to read to your toddlers and make them feel special and is indeed a wonderful gift not only for your kids, but for the whole world.

3.       From Head to toe  by Eric Carle

While reading this book your child will always say “I can do it, I can do it”. This book is filled with stomp, clap ad wiggle with the gorillas and giraffes, and other creatures which your child wants to imitate. This book captures the spirit beautifully as it shows toddler the many funny things to do.

4.       Corduroy by Don Freeman

My child has fallen in love with the character of this book, Corduroy, the bear, from the very time he first met ‘him’ during a bed time story session. Corduroy still remains his favourite till date

5.       The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman

This book has a bit of humour, suitable for the little one. It is full of fun and adventure and an easy to follow storyline which makes this book a definite must read to your baby bookworm.

6.       The Port-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

This book is going to make the daddies, mummies, and your baby laugh as you can’t help it at the dilly pout-pout fish while enjoy reading it to your child.

7.       I was So Mad by Mercer Mayer

The book has a character Rag-tag little critter for whom each new day is a harbinger of new troubles. Only when he feels that the episode of troubles has ended for him that again lands him into another troublesome situation. A time comes when you start sympathizing with Rag-tag’s frustrations and both you and your kid get a view of the greater world through his way of life and vision

8.       He’s Got the whole world in his hands by Kadir Nelson

The author of this book is an award winning author and the illustration captures a family who has members from different ethnicity. This thing is been portrayed as seen from a child’s point of view. It could also be a good read-out story to your toddler

9.       Dr. Seuss’s ABC by Dr. Seuss

This book is the best introduction to ABCD for your child. In addition to its uniquely Seussian illustration its trademark Seussical cadence engages the attention of little ones, and brings them asking back for more and more.

10.   The monster at the end of this book by Jon Stone

This book has been asked by almost all parents from my neighbourhood. In fact I will have to buy new copies for my little son who is a toddler now. This is a family favourite and I will be buying it for my grand children too without a doubt.

So these are the 10 must-read baby books for toddlers. Have you tried any of them?

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