10 Must-Watch Movies While You Are Pregnant


10 Must-Watch Movies While You are Pregnant


When I was pregnant I wanted to watch movies that had babies in it or talked about motherhood and parenthood. So, I took advantage of my dad’s limited internet connection and downloaded some 10-15 movies (he still wonders how he used up 20 GB in just five days I’m not telling him anytime sooner ) There are many women who undergo a similar experience during their pregnancy. Hence, I thought I would give you a heads up on a few movies that you can watch while you are expecting.


1. Baby’s Day Out

I’m sure you already know about this movie which is about a naughty baby boy who slips out of his parent’s loving protection for a little adventure around the city about which he has been reading in his story book. It’s hilarious all the way, from the dumb kidnappers plight to the baby’s ability to escape unhurt even from the scariest of situations. You would love having a hilarious time with Baby Bink.



2. Finding Nemo

It’s an emotional journey of a paranoid daddy fish’s search for his lost son (Nemo). If you love animation then you must watch it for its superb animation and representation of the ocean world.



3. August Rush

It’s a fairy tale movie with awesome music, superb acting and cinematography. Everything in this movie is beautiful. The music gave me goose bumps. The child’s yearning to search for his parents would definitely tug at your heart.



4. Taare Zameen Par

Time and again our Bollywood too churns out some great movies and Taare Zameen Par is one such excellent art. A brilliant movie throws ample amount of light on how parents are behaving with their children today taking away their precious childhood from them. Warning! Don’t forget to grab a box of tissues before you sit down to watch this movie for Darsheel Safary’s superb acting and the song “Meri Maa” would make you shed bucket load of tears.



5. Stanley ka Dabba

Another movie from the co-director of Taare Zameen Par Amole Gupte, Stanley ka Dabba would just leave you speechless. It would take you to a trip down the memory lane of your own carefree childhood days. But, beware the movie is not just about tiffin boxes, teachers and school. It’s a lot more than that, if I tell you now I would spoil it. So, go and find out for yourself.



6. Baby Boom

It’s a fun movie to watch during your pregnancy. Baby Boom is a movie about how a successful businesswoman inherits a baby from a distant cousin and her life completely changes. It’s a wonderful comedy that you would love to watch anytime.



7. Heyy Babyy

You might not like to watch it at other times but while you are pregnant Heyy Babyy might succeed in tickling your funny bones to some extent. Just sit back and enjoy the dilemma of three bachelors who suddenly have to deal with a baby.



8. Baby Mama

A successful businesswoman who cannot have a baby because her uterus is T shaped takes rescue in surrogacy. And the woman she finds out to do her job is an exact opposite of her. Throughout the movie they keep fighting and end up being the best friends. Watch this beautiful journey of relationship and motherhood between the two women to find out what happens.



9. The Back-up Plan

This is again something you wouldn’t watch at other times but while you are pregnant it may just strike the right cords within you. It’s about a woman in her middle age who decides that it’s time she starts a family and goes for artificial insemination. The minute she comes out she meets the man of her dreams. What happens next is a rom-com for you to watch



10. Masoom

The comfortable family life of a couple is taken for a ride when the lovechild of the man suddenly arrives on his doorstep. Relationships are tested, fights happen but finally the heart of a mother melts and she gives in. Watch this complex and beautiful story of the innocent child and Shabana’s brilliant portrayal of a cheated wife.



These were some of the movies that I loved watching while I was carrying my son. There are many more that I might have forgotten, so do chip in to this list with your favourites

Have you seen any of these?

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