10 On The Go Breakfasts for Babies

10 on the go breakfasts

Food plays a very important role in the way we live our lives. Proper food is equally essential for the body as well as the mind. More so ever is the importance of breakfast. There is a saying that morning shows the day. How your morning will be depends on the kind of food you take right after your sleep. Eating breakfast like a king is what is recommended by most medical practitioners.

Eating a proper diet after you break the fast of your long sleep hours is very vital to nourish all your organs at the start of the day. Eating inadequate or improper breakfasts can result in the full day becoming a waste. You may suffer from symptoms like mental or physical sluggishness, feeling weak, sleepy and so on

Although we understand the importance of a proper breakfast, sometimes taking a healthy and solid breakfast is not always possible in the very busy lives that we live today. Most of the days you have to leave your home for work early and you do not get sufficient time to prepare a proper breakfast for yourself and family. In such circumstances taking the help of on the go breakfasts could really be a saviour. It is always better to keep stock of such breakfast options at home itself.

Some of the best on the go breakfast options as they come to my mind now are mentioned below:


Fruits can serve to be a great breakfast option. Not only are they nutritious but also could be a great start for the day supplying your body with optimum antioxidants and essential nutrients. They impact the hormones and are great mood changers.




Homemade prepared sandwiches also make great on-the-go breakfasts. These could be healthy and most importantly ‘tasty’ variations to the commonplace granola bars usually you would resort to in hours of time crunch. You can even make your sandwiches the previous day and just microwave it the next morning and rush. But it’s always best to prepare fresh and since it takes only 20-30 minutes, why not do it?

Health drinks:

With the multitude of health drinks available in the market now, choosing a proper health drink is very easy. Just get some warm water and prepare your health drink and get your body a warm doze of health. Not only does it act as a great warm boost but also a great source of energy.




Cake can be great and very easy to relish food item when you are on the run. This easily consumable item can be bought off the shelf from most consumer shops. You can also make your own cake the previous day at home, store it, and then rush with the home made cake slices in your tiffin case the next morning

Boiled eggs:

Boiled eggs and some bread can be a good breakfast option for athletes, for growing kids who need a lot of protein. Egg which is enriched with protein is a great growth supplement for the body muscles. It is indeed a very good on-the-go breakfast option and also a very popular one. The moms of kids often favour boiled eggs for their kids when it comes to choosing on the go breakfasts.




Off the shelf juices like carrot juices, mango, cider, pineapple, orange, mixed fruit juices etc can indeed quench your thirst when you are on the run. Apart from quenching the thirst, juices are healthy as well. So you can start your day in a healthy way if you are drinking from a glassful of juice. However it is always best to opt for freshly extracted and home prepared juices rather than the off the shelf packaged ones.




Easy homemade burgers can be an option for the people who prefer non vegetarian food. You should not always take the burgers available from the take away centres.  Homemade burgers can be very tasty and diet conscious people can prepare those absolutely to their specifications; i.e. with less oil, less salt, less spice and more veggies. You can prepare your burgers the night before and store those. All you need to do is a simple microwaving the next morning and rush with it.


Boiled baby corns make good breakfasts. A lot of people opt for this highly nutritious food which is equally good to eat. Prepare this takes hardly any time. You have simply put the corns in the Pressure Cooker and wait for 1-2 whistles while you get ready to rush and eating these corns is also quite easy. While you are on the rush you just have to take a fist full and pop it into your mouth.




Pancakes can be stored with the least effort involved. Hence you could pack them for your breakfast when you have to go somewhere in the hurry. You can prepare your pancakes the night before and store for the next day.

Biscuits and coffee/tea:

Lastly the biscuits and coffee is what most people rely on for getting their morning boost of energy! However instead of Coffee I would suggest one to switch to tea which is harmless. The caffeine in coffee will give your body a good number of unwanted health issues with prolonged consumption

All these options for breakfasts are easy to make, pack and serve, hence serve as great breakfast options when you are on the go.

What do you serve your baby/child for breakfast?

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