10 Questions To Ask If You Are Ready For Motherhood


10 Questions To Ask If You Are Ready For Motherhood

The choice of whether or not to have children is probably the most important and crucial decision to make in a woman’s life. Any wrong decision can lead to adverse situations in life. Few wrong decisions in life can always be worked upon, but giving birth to a child is something that cannot be taken back or reworked and it becomes your responsibility for the lifetime and if not life but at least for the time till your child turns 18 years of age.

Motherhood is a new life which adds a lot of responsibility to your life that you cannot deny off. Motherhood is not something that only comes into existence after you baby’s birth, motherhood starts from the moment you have fetus in your womb, you need to take care of it, feel for it.

Have you too ever wondered about it? You think yourself prepared for motherhood or you still need some time?

So you are not able to reach a conclusion. I shall help you with it, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you take a step forward towards motherhood.



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Am I aware of the huge responsibility of caring for a child???

Are you really ready? Do you feel yourself responsible enough to grow up a child? To know this you can keep a check on your activities on a daily basis and judge yourself.

Am I ready for the time commitment of raising a child?

Healthy children need abundant love and affection. And the abundance of theses can only be provided only if you have time. Are you ready to give up your previous schedules and activities to escape extra ample amount of time for your baby.

 Do I truly enjoy being around children?

Of Course “once you have a child, you will love your child”, but here it is about if you really are ready for motherhood. How do you feell when you have kids around? Do you play with them when they are at your place or you keep longing for the moment when the kids are going to leave?
If your answer is that you long for the kid’s departure moment, you really really need togive second thoughts about motherhood.
Try and involve love for kids before you head towards motherhood.

Evaluate your Relationship Readiness!

Single ladies may skip this question. But for the ladies who live with their partners really need to work on this question. Ask yourself if you have a stable and loving relationship? If not then first work out your relationship before planning another move in life i.e., Motherhood.

And if you have a very loving relationship, talk on stuffs in regard with how will you together care for baby, divide tasks among yourself for happier bond among yourselves and the baby.

Am I willing to give up all in order to be a mother?

A women can do it all-build a successful career, have a healthy marriage and friendships, be a great parent, and have time for oneself, is this the way you think? Well to be honest I slightly differ on this and feel it is not the women who do it all, infact it is the individual person who does it all and not all individuals are same.

Of course I will be more than happy, if you can do it all but it work capabilities varies from individual to individual.

When planning to adapt motherhood you should definitely ask yourself are you ready to give up all for the betterment of your baby. There may be times when you may need to opt out parties, celebrations, may be even your job for some time or any of your leisure routines.

 Do I have the life stability that a child needs?

A child deserves to be brought into a home where there is adequate time, money, and emotional energy to fully care for them. It’s a fact that marital satisfaction rates plummet following the birth of the first child-that is for couples that didn’t plan to get pregnant. Observe your life and evaluate yourself on these fronts.

Do I have the support network needed to assist me in raising a child?

Oh please, I know that you are a super woman and need no help in raising your baby. But it is no harm to look for people around you who can help you with growing up your baby, indeed that is only going to work in the betterment. Your support system may include friends, family members, or hired help such as nannies and daycare providers. If your support network is weak at the moment, and you really want to become a mom, first plan about your support. If you live at a place where no friends and family are around you certainly hire a nanny and have a jolly good time enjoying a stress free, non – exhausting motherhood.

Do I have the personal qualities that make for a good parenting?

Evaluate your potential parenting traits by examining your personality and interpersonal skills. You must ask yourself if you have certain qualities that make for good parenting, including patience, consistent ability to be firm when necessary, good listening, and the willingness to at times put your own desires behind what’s best for your child. Babies and children can be demanding, so a positive outlook and the ability to handle situations as calmly as possible are good starting points. Parenting requires personal sacrifice, and many mothers would assert that the joy they get from their child is well worth what they’ve had to give up.

Do you have a healthy body?

Ask yourself “Am I healthy enough to have a baby now, or do I need to make some changes?” You don’t have to be a perfect size and be like a marathon runner, all that you need to have is the health, stamina and determination to eat right and exercise during your pregnancy. You may be ready to be a mom if you have the physical fitness to undergo nine months of pregnancy and are healthy enough to actively engage in your child’s ongoing development stages.

Ask yourself  why do you want to be a mother?

Your plan for baby should not be out of any motive or to fill in any gap?
You should not plan a baby with a motive to strengthen a relationship or fill in the unhappy phase of life. You should only think of motherhood and plan a baby only when you readily want to have a baby and the thought of this new phase in life makes you feel happy.

So, are you ready for motherhood ???

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