10 Questions You Should Definitely Ask A Pediatrician

10 Questions you should definitely ask a Pediatrician

 From the day a baby is born to the at least 4-5 years of age a mom has to keep running to the pediatrician’s clinic quite often. Your little one no doubt is your most precious and so obviously you will want to give him the best in all respect. As a caring and loving mom you would never want to take chances with anything related to your baby and that is what compels you to visit the pediatrician’s clinic often. It is in your mind that a Pediatrician has all the knowledge and expertise to give you the best advice regarding every aspect of your baby and therefore he or she could be the best person to approach to with all your queries related to your baby. Thus often it is humorously said that when a baby is born to a woman her mother instincts urge her to spend maximum time with the pediatrician with hardly any time left for her spouse.

Now the question is what are the 10 vital questions you should definitely ask the pediatrician? Here it follows:

  • When your baby is just a new born, pediatrician’s remains to breastfeed the baby. But moms mix and match it with a baby formula and give their little one a combo of the two. So your first question should be how many times do you need to breastfeed your baby per day and what should be the quantity of the baby food formula you can give your baby at its age per day.
  • Secondly ask the pediatrician how you would know that your baby is hungry or has reached its satiety level. How would you understand the cues of your little one? This would check you from under-feeding your baby or over-feeding your baby and would allow you to feed your babe keeping strictly within normal food limits
  • Research shows that in spite of breast feeding for continuous six months, giving the baby best baby food formulas still most babies fall prey to Vitamin D Deficiency. As a conscious mom you should definitely ask how to evade the issue of Vitamin D Deficiency of your baby. Should any supplement be started early on your baby so that this deficiency does not show up on your little one and he can have really strong bones and great immunity power.
  • Ask the pediatrician regarding the perfect sleeping arrangements for your baby. Get tips on how to make your kid sleep soundly, safely during his sleeping time. In this context it’s worth mentioning that a pediatrician’s general advice is to make the babe on its back. This minimizes the risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome considerably. Once your baby is above 6 months and can move his hands/legs freely enough, keeping weighty pillows around could be risky. It could come over your babe and suffocate it. The doctor will surely guide you on these points
  • Ask the pediatrician about the proper ways to keep your baby clean. What would be the right ways to give it bath and the suitable bath time for your babe? Also ask about the best brands of baby bath products in the market that won’t prove harsh on the soft and sensitive skin of your babe.
  • A very vital question that you need to ask your baby’s pediatrician is regarding the baby’s vaccination. Ask the doctor to give you all detailed information on all the vital vaccination shots you need to give your baby and along with the age when these shots are to be given. Make a clear-cut chart of it so that you don’t miss out on any of the vaccines your baby needs. A thorough immunization at infancy is the stepping stone to a hale and hearty life for your child ahead and you need to keep this in mind always. Also ask the doctor how could you alleviate the pain and discomfort that your baby would face during those shots.
  • Most little ones would sleep for at least 16 hours in a span of 24 hours and it happens in most cases that they’ll sleep daylong and keep awake at night. But this does not apply to all babies and a baby’s pattern of sleep differs from one baby to another plus it keeps changing as your baby starts growing gradually. If you are confused regarding the sleep pattern of your child, the pediatrician is the best person who can answer your queries and clear your confusion
  • Also you should ask the pediatrician how many diapers your baby should produce normally and how to take note of any abnormal changes. You should also question the pediatrician regarding the color of the baby’s poo and what could be the signs of abnormality and an underlying illness.
  • If your child is troubled by diaper rashes then you can ask for the best tips to keep those rashes as bay and also for some creams for fast healing
  • For babies who are over 6 months, the mom should take advice from the pediatrician on how to introduce the baby to solid foods which would be utterly wholesome for your baby.
  • These are the 10 questions you should definitely ask the pediatrician

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