10 Reasons Why Having Kids Is Awesome

10 Reasons Why Having Kids Is Awesome


In the Indian setup, after one year of marriage if kids are not born to married couples, it becomes a great gossip in the circle of relatives and the social circle as well and the woman is often held responsible for being unable to beget kids. In the occidental world, the picture isn’t that grim but there too kids are held as symbol of Almighty’s blessings to the wedded couples and as a symbol of woman’s fertility. Hence whether it’s our country or the west, whenever couples marry, the next thing we invariably look forward to is ‘that good news’.



Now, in the course of my journalistic career I have interviewed many couples and they all agreed on one point; i.e. ‘Having kids is truly awesome!’ Just take a look at why it is so. I have tried to enlist the reasons pointed out by them. Here it is:

  • Kids can complete the woman’s role on earth; i.e. the role of motherhood. Womanhood gets a fulfillment when it culminates into motherhood. When a woman begets kids, her dream of becoming a mother is fulfilled and her role as a woman is complete too. It’s the most joyous moment for any woman perhaps
  • Kids can strengthen the bond between couples functioning as a vital medium for rekindling passion and emotional belongingness
  • Kids can plug the gaps and empty phases that often arrive into the lives of married couples. Your kids will keep you so busy that all emptiness will vanish
  • Kids can brush aside the boredom in the life of married couples giving them new roles, new identities to explore, that of mom and dad and these new found roles indeed bring a gush of happiness into their lives.
  • Your kids will compel you to remain focused to your home-front. With your kids at home you can’t just afford to be workaholic. You’ll indeed be pulled back to your home as soon as your office working hour ends.
  • Kids give you opportunity to laugh your lungs out because kids can indeed be quite funny at times. Thus even an intense grave or serious situation could become light with kids running about the house and playing pranks and making all sorts of funny gestures.



  • When you have kids, you gradually learn the skill of teaming up and working. That’s another new experience and indeed a pleasant one because the team is the two of you and your kids. Happily you work together and that really peps you up with a ‘Happy family’ spirit
  • When you have kids, you have to set good examples for your kids because as a parent you would always want your child to grow up as a good human being, ethically and have a sound value-system. Thus with kids you too turn into better human beings with every passing day because children naturally consider their parents to be their role models and that too is a big achievement for you.



  • With the new responsibility of rearing up a kid coming upon you, your maturity level increases a ten fold and thus it might be said, that with the birth of your kid you too grow
  • Children when they grow up, can be your support and source of emotional refuge in your old age. Thus having kids is a must!

So these are the 10 reasons that declare why every couple should try having kids

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