10 Recipes Which Your Kids Won’t Refuse

10 Recipes Which Your Kids Won’t Refuse


Here are top ten recipes which kids won’t be able to refuse from having them once you have made an offer to eat these!

Bread And Banana Recipe For Toddler/Weaning Recipes

This sweet snack recipe is for your toddler’s sweet tooth and If they are fond of sweets , this yummy & healthy combination of brown bred & banana will surely please their taste buds and next time when you are cooking it, they won’t be able to wait patiently for the dish to be prepared.


The ‘Milky Ice Lollies’:

A unique homemade ice lolly recipe for the toddlers is a staple one during summers! and instead of feasting upon the ice creams available in ice cream parlors which as lots of calories in it, this mix fruit ice lolly is surely a treat for their taste glands. Just mash your favorite fruits or the ones you wish to give to your kid and freeze the thick mixture in an ice cream or kulfi mould and after freezing it serve it to your kid! They wouldn’t be able to resist and will surely  forget about the other ice cream varieties available.


Moist Choco Malt Cake With Jam Glaze

I don’t think there are many kids who would refuse eating a cake or pastry as these look so tempting that every kid wants to try it out as they get the mere sight of it.

This choco malt cake is in a way different from normal cakes as the base of this cake is normal wheat flour which is not bad for the kids tiny digestive system unlike refined flour. If cakes can be this much healthy, then probably you can give them more often chances to enjoy the taste of this dessert.


Mango And Banana Smoothie Recipe For Toddler & Kids

Most of the toddlers are fond of sweet drink & mashes as they are used to the baby food sweetness and crib for a similar taste in everything they are given to feed. As mango is abundantly & naturally available during summers it is surely one of the main ingredient of this smoothie. Also because kids really like the taste of mango. Another fruit I have added to this smoothie is papaya which is a wonder fruit especially dealing with digestive problems in kids.


Aaloo Cheese Tikki/Patties/Dumplings For Toddlers/Kids Recipe

Aaloo tikki or mashed potato dumplings which may be roasted, grilled or shallow fried as per liking. This is a very easy and take less time taking recipe which can be easily prepared by moms. Potato is something which most of the kids prefer to have in comparison to other veggies! Similarly cheese is loved by kids and there are only a few picky food eaters who don’t like this lip smacking ingredient in food.


Yummy Banana Pancakes For Kids/Toddlers Step By Step

Banana is usually given to toddlers as it is very healthy for the kids growing body plus its sweet taste & consistency makes it an ideal choice of fruits to give to their babies. This fruit can be easily mashed with any healthy milk drink and given to toddlers and they will have it peacefully.


Banana pancakes are another lip smacking sweet delicacy which your toddler won’t be able to resist!

Paneer Bread Pakora Recipe For Kids

Another light snack recipe for toddlers is Paneer Bread Pakora and they will surely love this unless they don’t dislike cheese in any form. A quick & easy recipe is all what is takes to prepare this snack and your kids will love to munch it down there food pipe.


Instant Home Made Choco Almond Cookies

Another favorite eating option for toddlers are cookies and if they are chocolate ones then it is sure that they will have & like it to the core. The ingredients are all natural in these cookies like coconut powder, oats, almonds etc. These instantly prepared cookies are a great snack option for toddlers and go easy on the stomach with the goodness of the fibers of oats & coconut powder.


Suzi Toasts/Semolina Toast For Kids And Toddlers

Suzi toasts are quite favorite in many house holds.They are simple to make and mostly liked by the whole family. These are light on stomach and in summers are preferred in morning breakfast with a shake. These can be given as a evening snack to your toddlers/kids .They are filling but not as filling that it will lead to skipping of the dinner.


Home Made Healthy Oats Cornflakes Cookies Recipe

Another cookie recipe which is made by using oats with cornflakes is this one. This is a perfect option to be replaced by the packaged biscuits available in the stores which are made using refined flour. These cookies are made from normal wheat flour and are good for the digestive system too! They ensure taste & health in an easy & yummy way for the kids! You toddler won’t be able to refuse these cookies for sure!



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