10 Refreshing Pregnancy Drinks For Summers

10 Refreshing Pregnancy Drinks For Summers

Summers are in their full fledged form and there is a constant need to keep drinking water or any other drink to quench the thirst. There are many who tend to eat less and drink more fluids as the body constantly needs ample hydration during such high temperature.

Pregnant women need to take care of their nutritional requirements and look out for various healthy and refreshing fluids to make it easy to digest during the season and also obtain sufficient amount of calories which is crucial for the mother & the baby’s proper development.

Here are ten refreshing pregnancy drinks for the summer season which are healthy and hydrating enough to keep the body hydrated for a long time and also rich in various nutrients which is important for the mother’s health.

Coconut Water-

It tends to be a highly beneficial drink especially during the summer season. It is rich in minerals and replenishes the essential salts that are lost while sweating in the extreme summer season. The sweet taste makes it a great healthy drink for the pregnant women to keep themselves hydrated.

Lime Water

A very quickly prepared and very popular drink for the summers in most Indian households is the Lime water or Nimbu Pani. It is rich in Vitamin C and boosts the absorption of iron in the body. Lime Water is a great option for all those pregnant women who struggle with morning sickness. Sipping the lime water with small amounts of crushed mint leaves is great to relieve you from fatigue and sickness.

Fresh Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is another great option as healthy drinks for pregnant. However there has been constant debate on whether fruits or fruit juice are ideal for intake! Well, until the fresh fruit nutrition is going inside your body and is healthy for your body, any option can be chosen based on liking! Fruit juices like orange, pineapple, sweet lime, pomegranate, musk melon etc. can be taken by pregnant women during summers.


This is a more healthy option for those pregnant women who feel lose of appetite during very hot days in summers. Chilled buttermilk will quench the thirst and will also aid in making the upset stomach function normally. It keeps the body hydrated and is great for those who like the tangy sour taste more!

Aam Ka Panna

A traditional drink usually made to relive the body from hot summer winds or loo is the Aam Ka Panna. This is really effective drink and we have already heard a lot about its number of benefits from our elders.

Mango Shake

The famous summer fruit that is mangoes is a rich dose of nutrition along with hydration requirements. Make sure to thoroughly wash and freeze the mangoes before preparing a shake as there are lot of chemicals used to ripen the mangoes these days. If available, you can always opt for organically grown fruits! Combine it with milk and enjoy!

Strawberry smoothie

Another great source of essential vitamin is the strawberry smoothie which is a great for the taste buds and also filling fluid for the pregnant women. The berries are packed with essential vitamins & minerals which are very beneficial for the body during pregnancy!

Vegetable Smoothie

Take your daily dose of green leafy vegetables in the form of a yummy smoothie which will please your taste buds and will provide the necessary hydration to beat the summer heat in a healthy way! Take spinach leaves and fruits like banana, pear and blend together to get a refreshing smoothie.

Almond Milk

Dry fruits are packed with energy and nutrients and if you want to make a healthy way of eating them on a daily basis then make sure to have soaked almonds crushed with chilled milk as an essential drink during summers!

Cold Coffee

This is yet another drink which can be taken by pregnant women. Although it contains caffeine so you need to check the servings that are permissible during pregnancy!

So, these were some of the best drink options for pregnant women! So what all are you waiting for! Pick your favorite drink and enjoy!

Have you tried these refreshing drinks for summers?

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