10 Return Gift Ideas For Toddler’s Birthday

10 Return Gift Ideas For Toddler’s Birthday

Whenever you go to a birthday party, you get confused about the gifting ideas. And if its your child’s birthday then you have the task of selecting return gifts which can be tougher as you do not much about the likes and dislikes of the little invitees. Also it is not feasible to buy something unique for each toddler. You need something that is liked by all toddlers.

These Return Gift Ideas For Toddler’s Birthday will help you-

Coloring Books


Kids will love these. Most kids love to use colors and giving them coloring books will make for a nice return gift. It will be useful for them too.



Market is full of a variety of puzzles for toddlers. Find out the ones that you find best as a child’s point of view. Puzzles provide good learning experience along with fun.

School Items


You can give a set of lunch box and pencil box as a return gift. You can also gift any one of these. Besides these you can also present them small sippers and tumblers.

Photo Frames

These also make good return gifts . Buy something colorful that interests toddlers. You can also gift DIY photo frames.



Books are great return gift options for all age groups. Books are never enough and you can gift these easily. Gift some story books or something that a toddler can read.


Buy cute sets of toddler’s soaps and use them as return gifts for toddler’s birthday party. Such gift sets are usually nicely packed and you will be saved from the trouble of gift-wrapping.

Wall Art

These are beautiful gift options for toddlers. You can gift something for walls or cupboards. Fun wall arts with cartoons or animals are loved by kids.

Mini Towels

A set of mini towels also makes a good return gift for toddler’s birthday party. You can but towels with cute prints that will attract them and will also be useful for them.

Coin Bank

Little piggy-banks are good return gifting items. You can also find out about each toddler’s favorite cartoons and animals and gift them a suitable coin bank.


Mini bags of any kind can be given as return gifts. Fun, colorful rucksacks look nice and are easy to be carried by the little ones.

Did you like these return gift ideas for toddler’s birthday?

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