10 Symptoms Of Pregnancy

10 Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Being a woman , I guess all of you must be aware of the common symptoms of pregnancy which is the absence of periods. Well, the changed lifestyle and amount of stress has given us many reasons to not worry about pregnancy in case, you missed your periods, as there are other reasons also which cause absence or periods in women.

Well, a pregnancy can be confirmed accurately only after a urine test conducted by a pathology lab as the home kits are not accurate in many cases. Also an Ultra-Sonography scan can give you confirmed status of pregnancy and is mostly applied by gynecologists to confirm the news.

Well, here we will know more about the most common symptoms of pregnancy which sometimes are biological indicators of the body.

Nausea & Vomitting-

It is certainly one of the most common symptoms a woman experiences after getting pregnant. Although it is not certain that nausea is related exclusively with pregnancy but it is the hormonal level in the body which creates mood swings, morning sickness and nausea in pregnant woman.

Spotting & Cramps-

It is also experienced by many women when after the egg is fertilized, the embryo implants itself to the uterus lining and starts developing there. This is also known as implantation bleeding and it gives menstrual like cramps in the lower abdomen. This is a common thing and there is nothing to worry but seeking a gynecologists advice would do no harm.

Breast Issues-

Many women experience tender breasts when their periods are about to begin due to the hormonal changes taking place in the body. Well, tender or swollen breasts, which hurt a little on the slightest touch, are one of the most prevailing symptoms in woman as they proceed towards the first trimester of pregnancy.

Frequent visits to the loo-

Pregnancy tends to increase the pressure in the abdominal area due to which there is a problem in completely emptying the urinary bladder which cause frequent visits to the loo. In case one feels burning sensation while urinating, there are chances that they are suffering from Urinary tract infection.

Feeling sick & tired without doing much-

Pregnancy is associated with a lot of hormonal changes which are responsible for making you feel tired & sick all the time without doing much work. It is a common symptom women face in their early weeks of pregnancy.

A missing period-

This is one of the first symptoms that tend to reveal that a woman may be pregnant although the fertilization would have been done four weeks ago!

Smelling sense altered-

Suddenly many woman start complaining about their smelling power which tends to become more sensitive and any weird smell causes the feeling of vomiting in them.

Food cravings-

Another feature related to pregnancy is that suddenly food cravings start in woman and they particularly feel the need to have a taste of typical sweets or sour things.

Swelling & Heaviness in Feet-

Again one of the common issues pregnant woman face is that their feet feel lifeless and heavy that they find difficulty in walking. This mainly happens due to improper blood circulation in the body.

Increased or decreased appetite-

Many women experience that their appetite suddenly increases or decreases without any reason. It occurs mainly when the women is heading towards her first trimester.

Well, these were a few symptoms majority of women experience when they are pregnant. There are certain cases in which the symptoms totally differ or may also be due to other hormonal issues in the body.

I hope you find these useful!

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