10 Things You Need to Know Before Having a Baby

10 Things You Need to Know Before Having a Baby

Pregnancy is no doubt an over-loaded or rather a fully-loaded journey in terms of all the ups and downs you go through for those nine long months. Once the baby pops out, there is a whole new world of worries and excitements, be it the very first moment you hold your baby in your arms or thaitt ‘weird’ color of your baby’s poop, there is so much you need to know before that little bundle of joy arrives so you don’t run errands.



Here’s a list of things for you:

The Birth:

If you ever thought giving birth is just ‘another’ task then probably you were wrong. The whole process of delivery and recovery is not going to be a cakewalk, you are going to have a fair-share of pains that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

Out Of The Bed:

Getting back on foot within 5-6 hours of having a C-section is probably the toughest of them all. But don’t worry you will have one or two nurse right by your side, just in case you want to go back to your bed.

Sleepy Baby:

The baby will sleep for sixteen to seventeen hours out of those 24 hours. So if you find her sleeping for too long at a stretch then just don’t panic or ring up your pediatrician.

The Poop:

It’s more likely that the baby’s initial bowel movement if scare the hell out of you. So don’t worry if you find a ‘black’ soiled diaper. It’s pretty natural that a newborn’s poop keeps changing its colors from black to dark green to light green to yellow.

Get That Sleep:

Get as much sleep as you can in the first few weeks because you won’t get any once the baby starts getting more and more active with each day. Plus you will need to take some good amount of rest because your body just went through a major change.

Feeding The Baby:

Newborns are hungry most of the time. So you will need to feed the baby very two or three hours so you can relax for the next hour, while the baby sleeps again.

The Bank Balance:

I’m sure once the baby arrives half or the major portion of your earnings/savings will be spent buying those infinite one sies and tons of those disposable diapers. So plan accordingly if you are not a billionaire.

Long Nights:

Another thing I’m pretty for sure of is that, you are going to ‘enjoy’ major part of your nights rocking, feeding, putting the baby to sleep, at least a dozen times, for the first three or four months of his/her life.

Plan Ahead:

You won’t have all the time in the world with that little one around. So it’s better you plan things ahead of time, be it a get-together, a shopping haul, or a cozy dinner-date with you spouse. And don’t ever forget that ‘baby’ and ‘plans’ can never go together. So be well prepared to experience a massive blow-out right at your restaurant table or in your car.

Learn Some Tricks:

All you mommies, if you have always been a makeup-a-holic then do learn some quick tips and tricks because you will no more get so many hours to spend in front of your lovely mirror to get all dolled up, not at least with the little one crying out of hunger or sleep.

Dear beautiful Mommies, the above list was never meant to scare you, instead these are just a few things I wish I had known before we had a baby. And motherhood is a blessing indeed. So just in case you are planning to have your little munchkin then don’t forget the things mentioned above.

Happy Mom-ing Ladies!!

Are you prepared for having a baby?

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