10 Tips To Manage Twins

10 Tips To Manage Twins


TWINS … it is so good to look at two cute babies together and to play with them is always a treat. But ask the mother of the twin babies, how does she manage them?

Not an easy thing even to imagine then think upon how hard it is actually to take care of twins. Every family makes adjustments for a new baby and when there are twins coming, we need to take a lot of extra adjustments and care.
Twins double the happiness but they do come with a demand of double parenting tasks too.



Try out these few tips about parenting twins or rather should I say managing twins:

Make A Schedule

Two mouths to feed plus two bottoms to wipe plus two little ones to soothe to sleep can make for two shell-shocked parents. Getting infant twins on the same sleep and feeding schedules is the key to stay in peace.

Following the hospital’s schedule is the simplest thing to follow. Full – term healthy twins spend at least a minimum of 3 days in hospital where the nurses set a specific schedule for baby’s sleeping and feeding. So before you leave the hospital make sure to ask the nurse about your babies’ routines.

Also don’t follow the belief of “never wake a sleeping baby”. Instead when one baby awakes in the night for a feed, make sure to wake the other sleeping baby and feed him too.

Failing to heed this advice will negatively affect you. Mostly what tends to happen is that the second baby wakes up an hour or so after you’ve taken care of the first baby. And if you by any chance ignore this advice, then you’re on an ugly cycle, tending to the needs of one baby just an hour before the other baby needs the same care.

Teach them to cope with the changes, for instance, sleeping or feeding patterns can get out of routine when one baby is sick or you’re traveling to visit relatives. When your baby is well or you’re back home, use the ‘wake a sleeping baby’ method to get your two twins back in coordination again.

Feeding Habits:

Twins can be fed at a time!!!

This may sound as something impossible but the truth is that twins can definitely be breastfed together at a time. This can be learnt only through practice. But if breastfeeding two babies at a time is uneasy for you then there is way out.

What you can do is to hold one baby in your arms and breast feed, and for the meanwhile keep the other baby in the rocker and feed the baby with a bottle. And then in the halfway exchange the babies between your arms and rocker. This way each baby each baby gets a turn in the arms and the rocker.

When your babies grow up to an age when they can be fed upon solid foods, feeding here too needs to be coordinated. The easiest way is to use only single bowl to feed the twins. Feed each baby spoonful and feed alternate mouths. This way both babies receive equal food.

Managing Two Crying Babies:

First and Foremost comfort the calmer baby. The calmer baby will stop crying early and while calming the other baby, put the comforted baby in a baby swing so that the baby does not crying again till the time the other baby gets comforted.

Ensuring Babies’ Security while you are Busy:

Mother has a lot of other chores to do and even if she does not have much of work, she might just need to get some personal time may be to use a washroom or for anything else.

Not a single moment of carelessness can be spared when it comes to a baby, and when there are two babies, this demands for double care.

When ever your babies are away from your sight make sure they are in a PLAYPEN or at a guarded position.
PLAYPEN is of great use whenever you have babies or a single baby out of your sight.

Sleeping Habits:

Having two babies at a time does not necessarily call for double of everything. Let the twins sleep in the same crib. Since the twins spent so much time together in the womb, the twins find it soothing to sleep together. After they have grown and you have moved them in separate cribs, make sure that they are in the same room and can see each other. This will be calming and soothing for the babies.

Create a bedtime routine for the babies so that both sleep at similar times.

Bathing Twins:

Don’t ever think of bathing the two babies at the same time when there is no help around. Though bathing the two babies together may help them bond better, but this together time can be reserved for weekends when their dad is around or for the days when any relative, friend or grandparents of the babies’ are around.

For the usual days bathe one baby at a time while the other is in the play pen.

And also keep the dressings stuff ready to avoid the moment’s hassle. Keep the clothes, diapers, crème etc ready to be used just after the baby has finished bathing.

Get A Good Double Stroller:

Go out with your babies at least once a day. But the trickiest of all issues is getting out with twins in hand. Invest in a good double stroller, though this may be a little pricey, but this will surely be nothing less than an investment when you will go out with your twins easily and let them have an enjoyable moment with the outside world.



Stock Up Babies Stuff:

With twins everything is doubled and so are the baby supplies. Baby’s stuffs like diapers, wipes, bottles etc are consumed rapidly.

Make sure you have stocked these in ample amount so that you never run out of them at the last moment. Also try to keep the receipts/ bills of these so that you can exchange them if they are not consumed.

Seek Help From Friends and Family:

Your husband too must have saved some leaves in the office, ask him to take a paternity leave out of it, or probably he can work a day less and look after the twins, so that you too can have a moment for yourself on that day.

There might be friends and family around who keep coming to your place of course to cuddle with your babies. Ask them if they can help too!

Look For Paid Help:

Though this may not be necessarily required when you have a baby in hand but with two babies in hand, it really becomes necessary to get some paid help. Look for Nannies since they are well qualifies and experienced baby care takers. They will look after babies and babies’ needs such as making up bottles, bathing them etc. Nanny does not do the regular household’s tasks.

However there are some full time Nannies available who are ready to do some additional household tasks too, but their service charges are heavy.

A Nanny at home will be of great help and at the same time will give you some moments of rest too.

When it comes to managing Twins, “Experience becomes your best friend” then, since experience is the best teacher and nothing can make you learn things other than experiencing things. But just to help a bit, these were some major tips that need to be followed for a happier managing experience with the TWINS.

Do you have more tips to share?

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