10 Unknown Changes Induced In Our Body During Pregnancy

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10 Unknown Changes Induced In Our Body During Pregnancy


Hello all the beautiful ladies! This is my first post in this blog and I hope you all find it informative & useful. This is my first pregnancy and I am quite cautious about each and every minute change in my body! Well there are so many changes that have been discussed and are well known to each one of us like enlargement in breast size, dizziness, morning sickness, back-ache, food cravings and aversions etc.

A few changes that are least discussed made me to Google a lot about them. Since I have benefitted myself I would love to share them with you. Please note that these changes may be more/less pronounced in every pregnancy! Here we begin!



Nose Bleeds

Since the blood flowing through a pregnant lady is 50% more than a normal one, there’s extra blood flow in the nose too. The blood vessels in the nose expand and these delicate vessels can rupture very easily. Go slow when you clean your nose.

I was personally very scared when I saw a little blood and consulted my doctor the next day and she confirmed it to be a normal situation.

Prominence in appearance of veins of your hands/face and other body parts

The veins on my dorsum have become extremely prominent. The reason is chalked up to the more blood flow through a pregnant lady’s body, again!

Hemorrhoids/ Anal Fissure

This is probably the most unwanted change. A lot of hormonal changes and body changes the veins in the rectal area to swell or bulge. Constipation just aggravates this condition. An anal fissure is an unnatural crack or tear in the skin of the anus, usually extending from the anal opening and haemorrhoids are lumps in the anus. Though a common symptom of pregnancy, you must consult your doctor if you see any blood.

Increase/decrease in body hair growth

You may want to get those legs waxed every 15 days or if you are luckier, you may live without getting them waxed for 2 months! Each pregnancy is different and some find their body hair growing like crazy, some don’t!

Extra Saliva

Should I say EXCESS saliva? The saliva secretion increases during pregnancy and it isn’t a wonderful symptom!

Lesser/More control over your reflex

It’s weird but I have experienced both the cases within four months of my first pregnancy! At times I drop the things without even noticing. This is somewhere due to the hormone RELAXIN that your body releases for making the joints able to move and adjust according to your growing uterus. And I wonder what has made me catch stuff that I just couldn’t think about being able to catch! I just don’t know what’s going on! Weird!

Feeling your heart pounding

Yes. I can literally hear my heart pounding out loud enough for me to HEAR it practically. It is weird and even discomforting at times!


Itching anywhere anytime can be an unpleasant thing to confront! And at times the urge to itch is so bad that it becomes hard to resist it!

Increase in shoe size

Blame it again on the increased blood flow and increased pressure on your feet. They become swollen and it is possible to go upto 2 sizes up during pregnancy! Wear comfortable shoes so that the pressure on your feet can get lessened!

Increased Vaginal Discharge

Our body secretes more of vaginal discharge to keep the area uninfected. This can be discomforting and annoying at times. It is best to wear absorbent cotton panties so that the discomfort is lesser.

That’s my 2 cents on the lesser known pregnancy symptoms/changes. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below!

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