10 Useful Tips To Start Weaning Your Child From Bottle

It is not easy for all mothers to shift from breastfeeding to weaning their babies using the bottle. Here are some tips that will help you as mother to wean your baby from bottle.

Seeking Assistance:

There are times when babies who are breastfed do not want food from bottles if their mothers are feeding them. This is because they associate the breastfeeding process with their smell, maybe even the smell of breast milk which hangs in their bodies. If you have a loved one or if your partner is available, get him to introduce feeding through the bottle. During this time it is best advised you stay away from the child.

Calm Approach:

You cannot expect your child to get used to bottle-feeding in the first attempt itself. Take a calm approach towards this process and stop stressing about it. It may take more than one try to feed from the bottle.

Taking time to Adopt:

The transitional phase from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding will take time. And despite your urgency to get back to work, you cannot wait for the last minute to get to weaning your baby from bottle. Your baby will need sufficient time to adopt this new skill. Keep at least two weeks in hand before plan to leave your child for work.

Position Experiment:

There are some babies who prefer to fed in the exact same position they were being breastfed while there are still more who accept food through the bottle if their positions are changed. There are still more who like to be moved from place to place while being fed. You will have to find how what works best for your baby.

The Latch Check:

When your child starts sucking the bottle for food, ensure that the latch is a large open-mouthed one with wide surface. Thus, your baby can get hold of a large surface as in case of feed from the breast. Have his mouth tickled using the nipple so that he takes in most of the nipple into his mouth instead of just let him feed from the nipple’s tip.

Changing Nipple Temperature:

Consider changes in the nipple before using it for bottle-feeding. You can either use warm water to warm it or opt for cooling it in the refrigerator, especially if your baby happens to be teething.

Nipple Varieties For Option:

Different babies have different nipple choices and it  gets tough to find out which one he will adjust his mouth to. Therefore, it is best to purchase from the stores a few varieties and experiment with each one to find which one your baby will suck from in the best possible way. You will have to make sure that the milk flow remains steady, i.e. in an upside down position one drop in one second should flow from the bottle. Too fast a dripping may cause your baby to gag and a slow flow may cause him to get frustrated and tired before drinking up to his fill.

Be on Time:

Another point that you need to keep in mind is that the bottle is introduced to your child at almost the same time you breastfeed him. It is not wise to wait for the child to grow hungry desperately and get frustrated in the process of bottle-feeding.

Avoid Propped Bottle:

A ‘propped bottle’ leads to choking hazard and also increases the risk of physical problems like tooth decay, ear infection, etc. At the same time, you can spend these minutes to make a closer bonding with your child.

Options for Consideration:

In case none of the above mentioned tips are helpful in your cause, you can resort to feeding your child by adopting other methods. These methods are inclusive of spoon feeding, cup feeding, finger feeding or feeding through a syringe or eyedropper.

Hopefully, one or other tips will come handy when you decide to wean your baby using a bottle. However, sterilize the bottle each time you feed your baby.

Do you have more tips to share about weaning baby from bottle?

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