10 Weaning Must-Haves For New Mums

10 Weaning Must-haves for New Mums

Planning to introduce solid food to your baby? The transition from breast milk to solid food, better known as weaning, is no easy task. It’s a messy affair and needs a lot of patience, especially if you are a new mum. To make the task easier there are hundreds of products available in the market, which may leave you all the more confused. So, why don’t we take a look at the products that are actually needed to make the weaning process easy for you and your baby?

1. High Chair

First of all high chair is a must have if you are planning to feed your baby. It’s very important that your baby is sitting upright while having his food to reduce the risk of choking and what can be better than giving your baby his own chair. The belt provided in the high chair would keep him secured so your hands are free to feed him.



2. Blender/Food Processor

Babies’ need to start with pureed or mashed food and if you don’t have a blender at home you are going to have a real tough time. Although most homes have a blender or a food processor at a home but it’s best to have an additional one for your baby, because the one used regularly may have bits of spices left in it and might not be that hygienic.

3. Strainer/Sieve

The baby food should have no lumps, tough fibres or big chunks in them. A sieve is another common item found in most households, so you may not require buy a fresh one. However, I would suggest you to keep two of them exclusively for your baby.

4. Larger Bibs

My baby loves putting his hand in the feeding bowl and splattering the whole thing onto himself. So, I got him bibs that would cover his shoulder as well. If you forget to put on a bib, it would lead to an extra chore, could be irritating if you are busy mom.

5. Colorful Plastic Bowls/Plates

Babies love bright colours so take advantage of this and get some nice brightly coloured plastic bowls or plates for them.



If you get something nice in red or green you must buy it as these colours are considered to stimulate appetite. Buying a plastic material also means less chances of breakage and self-infliction hazards for your baby.



6. Plastic Spoons

Avoid using stainless steel spoons, as they may not be good for your baby’s soft gums. Instead opt for plastic spoons, which are not only soft for your baby’s gum but also available in plenty of attractive colours. You can even go further and buy a heat sensitive spoon in case your husband or an elderly person is feeding the baby in your absence.



7. Trainer Cups

Also known as sippy cups, trainer cups are good alternatives to bottles for giving a liquid item to your baby. There are varieties of trainer cups available in the market. Some of them are non-spill while some are free-flow. Some are good for babies younger than 9 months while some are suited for the babies who would soon transition from being a baby to a toddler. The choice depends on how old your baby is and how eager he is to turn the cup upside down



8. Wet Wipes/Wash Cloth

Once you are done with the feeding, you would need to wipe off all the mess from your baby’s face, hands and what not. You can either use a wet wipe or a washcloth to clear the mess. I personally prefer the washcloth at home as they are much more economical. Just dip them in some water, wipe off the mess and put it in the laundry. If you want to save some money you can even make your own washcloths with old hankies, hand towels and face towels



9. Food Storage Containers

What do you with the leftovers? Easy – store them in a food storage container in your fridge. You can also use the ice cube tray for freezing the leftovers. However, do not freeze baby food for too long, try to use it up in a short span of time and keep your fridge absolutely clean.

10. Insulated Bag

If you are going out on a short trip then you must have an insulated bag with you for carrying all the baby food essentials with you. It would keep the food warm and safe so your little one can safely have his food while on the go. These bags are also good for carrying cold stuffs like yogurt or a smoothie.

What is your list of weaning must haves?

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