11 Awesome Benefits Of Being Pregnant

1. First of all, the moment you are pregnant, attitude of people around you changes a lot. Suddenly, they’re very concerned about you and express even more joy and excitement (especially the elderly) towards your pregnancy, than even yourself.

2. Having struggled with keeping weight under control sofar in my life, it was the first time my doctor actually asked me ‘Why am I not gaining weight :)’ … I could enjoy eating all my favorite dishes without guilt, which still did not increase my weight … ah heaven ! What else does a foodie ask for?

3. You can express anything to anyone you don’t like, and then term it as mood swing … I myself did this couple of times and was forgiven immediately, which is impossible to do otherwise.

4. I enjoyed the endless cribbing which everyone around me listened, without getting bored, and tried to pacify my slightest of worries.

5. As my bump got apparent, I started getting special preference in public places – for instance people offering chairs in a busy restaurant or allowing me to by pass a long queue. As time passed, I myself started asking for getting my task done out of turn, asap.

6. Even at 2 am in night, you can ask your hubby for foot massage, head massage, shoulder massage – and you’ll get ’em all without the least sign of annoyance. (I’m sure it is there deep inside, but just can’t come out this time :D)

7. The second trimester is the best, when you’ve minimum health problems, your skin is glowing, and people start congratulating you for your bump, and you’re also more confident about your pregnancy (lesser chances of miscarriage), and is the only period during pregnancy when you can get slightly intimate with your partner comfortably

8. The first sensation of butterflies in your tummy, the first kick, the first movements – which only you in the world can feel, while your  hubby can only hear / guess from your expressions – makes you feel awesome and really blessed being a woman!

9. Welcome to lazy woman world – you can skip your office / your work, you can doze off any time and no one will stop you or question you :).

10. Is it a Boy or a Girl – The Pink(y) or the Blue(Billoo) – the urge to ask the doctor about it makes you go crazy, you keep on thinking of it whole your pregnancy. In fact, I’m just a few days due, I still wanna know right now, what it is

11.Not to forget surprise gifts and baby shower which gives that special feeling

Now that I’m waiting for the baby to arrive, I’m surely going to miss the undue attention around me. My friends say I’ll even miss the bump, even when I have the  baby itself in my hands. I’ll miss the kicks and all the free time which I spent with my husband, knowing fully that now on, it’s going to be the 3 (and not 2) of us

If you have experienced pregnancy then do let us know what benefits did you enjoy of being pregnant

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