11 Tested Home Remedy Of Cough And Cold For Your Toddler

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Friends.. What are the home remedies you would do once you know your little one is getting cold and cough? My 1.4 year old is having running nose from morning and last time he got cold and cough, it was so severe that we finally had to take him for nebulization.. Please help!


Children are highly prone to cold. It is a viral infection that affects upper respiratory tract. Cold is caused by Rhinovirus and there are more than 1oo types of rhinoviruses so it becomes all the more difficult to prevent it. Cold is generally not dangerous but its symptoms like blocked nose, cough, aches and loss of appetite etc. make kids restless. Anti-biotics are not effective in treating cough and cold.

If the cold and cough is very bad, then you should take your child to a doctor first. Home remedies can be carried on along with it for faster recovery. Home remedies are considered to be highly effective in treating cough and cold and they have very few chances of causing side-effects.

There are a lot of ayurvedic home remedies that you can give to your kids some of the best known ones are as follows:-

  • Give him one teaspoon of fresh haldi (turmeric) and ginger juice in honey. It’s slow but it works. Only fresh haldi should be used as it is more potent and also warmer.
  •  Haldi powder can also be given in milk.
  •  One more remedy that you can try is make a paste of pure kesar (saffron) and put it on the child’s forehead when he is asleep. Saffron saps up the cold.
  • Massage some Vicks vaporub on his soles when he sleeps.
  • Give him steam bath when he bathes , by creating a steaming bathroom through hot shower. It reduces mucus. The lesser the mucus, lesser are the chances of getting an infection as mucus is a favourable environment for viral growth.
  • Tulsi or Holy Basil is a very good remedy for treating cold. Take a few leaves of tulsi and powdered cardamom in the ratios 1:3 and boil these in half a litre of water. When it is reduced to half, mix this with sugar and milk. Give it to your kid every 2-3 hours.
  • Make a paste of jaiphal/nutmeg powder, saffron and few drops of water and spread it on his forehead and keep it for as long as it stays. It will soak up all the cold.
  • Boil a few tulsi leaves with his milk everyday. It really is effective and easy to give to the kids.
  • Heat some ajwain and salt on a pan and put a cloth over it when its a little hot check the temperature then apply it on chest, back, forehead and behind the ears. Once done keep the hot mixture under the crib and it will help in breathing. Do it 2-3 times a day.
  • Another home remedy which works very well for a cold: Take 5tsp of water, add a pinch of salt. Heat a pan till really hot, pour this mix over hot pan, put off gas and wait till the spluttering stops. Remove and add a few drops of ghee. Give as much as child is willing to take and as hot as the kid can handle.
  • A lot of the phlegm comes out via potty or puke with this. So don’t be scared if he pukes.
  • These are some of the very potent remedies for cough and cold in kids. Homoeopathy works a lot better in treating cold as compared to allopathic medicines, so try that as well.

Do share with us your tested home remedies of cough and cold for your toddler

P.S – All the above remedies have been given by the baby blog writers and moms.Please do consult your doctor before giving them to your baby.

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