11 Ways To Save Money On Baby Clothes


11 Ways to Save Money on Baby Clothes


Babies grow up really fast. You would be surprised at the amount you have spent in a year on buying their tiny dresses that they outgrow in just a few weeks or days. At a time when living expenses are really high, if you could save even a thousand rupees it would be a lot.



So, dig in to find out eleven (yes not one but ELEVEN!) ways to save more than a thousand on your baby’s clothes

  • All the year round during special occasions and end of the season you would find most of the online shopping websites offering a very good deal on baby clothes. Keep checking them weekly or as often as you want and you are sure to land a good deal on them.
  • Instead of buying the perfect size for your baby, buy a size bigger. This way your baby can wear the same clothes for more than 6 months and you would save a lot of cash on frequent buys. For example when my son was three months I bought him clothes like tees and track pants that were two sizes bigger. I would fold the track pants and sleeves of the tees. It would be loose and comfortable for the baby.
  • While buying clothes for my baby I noticed that individual pieces would cost me more whereas if I bought the assorted packs, available in twos and threes, it would cost me much cheaper. So, instead of buying one track pant buy the pack of three and you would save around 300 to 400 rupees.
  • If you want some branded clothes for your baby, check them out during the end of season sale or festive seasons both online and in the store. These brands always arrange for a end of season sale to finish off the previous styles and designs. Buy some pieces in advance if you want.
  • If you are a “Payback Card” user then don’t forget to use your payback points to purchase baby clothes on some of the online baby shopping websites or even in Big Bazaar.



  • While recharging your mobile, broadband etc. through Internet choose the free coupons or buy them at a low price (sometimes as low as Re 1). These are awesome for availing off-season discounts
  • Signing up for newsletters or filling out the birthday details of your baby can also land you with some special discount coupons on certain days or your baby’s birthday.
  • Buy a lot of onesies. They are really useful, specially the simple ones, in the long run. Once your baby overgrows them you can cut the bottom snaps and sew at the hem to use them as underclothes as well.
  • If you are good with needle and have enough time at your hand then nothing like it. You can save a lot of money on your baby’s clothes and design them, as you like. I remember my mom used to stitch me such beautiful frocks and gowns that people would often ask her the name of the shop from where she bought my dresses
  • If you do not mind using second hand clothes you can get some good ones from your family members or from precared.com that deals in pre-used baby products.
  • If you have some footed pajamas of your baby, cut their footies and you can use them as three fourths even after your baby grows up. You can also cut off the socks to make them into ankle warmers for your little Cindrellas; they would absolutely love it.

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