12 Post Pregnancy Hair Fall Remedy

Body undergoes lot of changes during pre and post pregnancy. Of course pregnancy is a boon and a very precious gift  but it comes with few problems.

With the innumerable changes hairfall is one of the change which too is suffered by many women. This happens mostly post pregnancy, especially after about 2.5 or 3 months of delivery. The main reason, initial couple of months many follow a strict diet for a new mother. And then on when the specific diet for the new mother takes a back seat, hair fall takes its top place along. Breast feeding also adds to the hair fall issue to some extent.

Diet for hair strengthening:

  • Along with baby care, mother needs to follow self care which will involve hair care.
  • High protein diet has to be included.
  • Fibrous and fluid food intake helps a lot on hair strength.
  • Milk and milk products helps for great extent.
  • Intake of coconut milk extracts too help a lot in prevent hair loss.
  • Continue your prenatal vitamins-iron, folic acid and zinc. Calcium supplements also should be taken as long as you breast feed your baby. My doctor had recommended so. Consult your doctor for the supplement details.

Hair care for avoiding hair fall:

  • Choose a oil that helps in strengthening the hair. I had used almond oil.
  • Oil every day. And give your scalp a good massage. This will increase blood circulation.
  • Hair styling also counts in a lot. Do not go for tight pulled hair style. This will easily break off the strands from its root since they are already weak.
  • Avoid hair accessories that damage the hair easily. Use a wide toothed comb for gentle handling of your hair.
  • Do not experiment with new hair products like hair colors, straightening tools, heating iron, curling coils, dryers. They do no good to the weak hair.
  • Use shampoos rich in Biotin that help weak hair.

Most importantly; do not freak on your post partum hair fall issue. It is normal and common. Just that help yourself and get relaxed.

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