14 Top Signs Of Pregnancy – Discovering The Existence Of A Life Inside You

 14 Top Signs Of Pregnancy  – Discovering The Existence Of A Life Inside You


Pregnant? … not pregnant?… pregnant?…not pregnant?… Sounds familiar no? Reminds you of the “loves me… loves me not” trick of plucking the leaves of a rose.

In old days pregnancy use to be a routine thing and having kids was a part of the regular life. But in today’s time having a kid is a meticulously and wisely timed and planned decision, considering the factors like both working partners, decision to have less babies, medical complications etc etc.



So when you plan for it you just want it to happen immediately and want to know the good news as quickly as possible. You buy some home pregnancy test kits and tend to do it 3-4 times way before your actual due date of periods!!! Hoping for the desired ‘pink line’

It happens with almost all of us. Of course, it happens to thousands of girls every day, but when it happens to you, you probably feel as though you are the only one it has ever happened to

So here I am, helping you understand the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. You may experience all of these or some or even none of these.


Yay yay… this time you so.. so… so…. much wanted to not be punctual on time congratulations on missing those periods. The most easy and surest sign of pregnancy is a missed period. If your period is regular and always falls on time, then missing out on them is good news for you.



OMG!!! This just can’t happen why am I spotting?

Instead of having a normal flow on the due date of period if you notice slight spotting which may be either pink or brown colored, then don’t be disheartened that you have not conceived, because spotting can be a sign of pregnancy!!! Yes, you read it right

Spotting and light cramping may happen in very early pregnancy can be either hormonal or because of the implantation of egg in your uterus.



But do consult your doctor if the cramping is severe.


Feeling as if some ants are biting you up??? He he… get ready to have the good news soon.

If you have conceived then there is an increased blood flow and supply to your uterus as well as your breasts, this may cause a noticeable tingling and prickling kind of sensation around your nipples.


Skin changes comes in a package with pregnancy, can’t really get away with them. You may notice darker areolas, the area surrounding your nipples. You may also notice the blue colored veins prominent on your breasts.


Even if you slightly bump into a door or wall it hurts you miserably… congrats for stepping into the beautiful journey of pregnancy.

You might be planning for the soon to be arriving baby’s nursery and wardrobe but your breasts are far ahead of you, they have started preparing themselves for the first food of baby when he/she arrives.

You may feel that the tenderness is increasing with each passing day, but don’t worry it will ease out as the pregnancy progresses. You may also notice that your breasts have increased in size and are appearing swollen, and the veins deep down have suddenly come up and more visible. But these are all signs of early pregnancy.


All your life you may have seen in movies about the heroine suddenly rushing towards the washroom to puke, and then realizing that she might be pregnant J Morning sickness, refers to the feeling of vomiting and being sick and queasy. It is the most common symptoms of pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.  Well, it is called morning sickness but be ready to puke at any time of the day or night


You are feeling as if you have climbed 15 floors of a building and your energy levels have dropped to zero. Well, to shape up a life inside you is a task even more difficult to that. You may feel exhausted, tired and energy drained throughout the day. This is because of the numerous physical and hormonal changes specially progesterone.


Well, if this is a sign of pregnancy then I am pregnant 24*7  


Jokes apart, but because of the numerous hormones changing their levels, and too many signals given to your brain, mood swings are very common in pregnancy. Ask your husband to be ready to deal with all the tantrums coming his way the next few months. But hey, you naughty girl, don’t you take the advantage of all this


You have the right and the license to say no to any food prepared by anyone in the world and demand any food at any time of the day. And that too guilt free!!! You may develop a craving for certain flavor or food which probably you have hated all your life. Must have always seen in movies.. “arey bahu ka khatta khane ka man kar raha hai”



A metallic taste in mouth, a strong sense of smell and changing likes and dislikes are very common symptoms of pregnancy.

As far as smell is concerned you can probably beat a sniffer dog in that you are repulsed by certain smells, and sensitive to certain odors.


Your toilet trips have increased so much that you may want a diaper to save your energy to go to the loo so frequently

This is because of the increased blood flow to uterus, body producing extra fluids, which means overtime for kidneys and bladder.

This may also be because of urinary tract infection, which needs immediate attention. So always consult your doctor.


Not only your trips to toilet has increased but the time spent there has also increased

Higher levels of progesterone cause slow bowel movement in intestine and thus leads to constipation.



There is an increased blood supply all over and the blood vessels are dilating which can cause headache and feeling of dizziness. Your ligaments are loosening and this may cause back pain which may continue for quite some time now because soon you will gain weight and your center of gravity will shift.


You are always on the go person and suddenly you feel shortness of breath even if you climb some stairs. Well, the oxygen you are taking does not always suffice for both you and baby. This symptom may last for quite some time or sometimes throughout your pregnancy.


You might have heard that your basal body temperature increases near ovulation. This hold true for pregnancy too. Now you are officially hot for the coming months


So, my dear readers, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms and probably feel that that the tiny bundle of cells have started shaping inside you to change your life forever, then DON’T JUMP WITH JOY  because you are PREGNANT  my jaan!!!

Do you know about more signs of pregnancy?

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