15 Trendy Themes To Make Your Kid’s Birthday A Memorable One

15 Trendy Themes to Make Your Kid’s Birthday a Memorable One


Inspiring themes for your kid’s birthday is all that you need to make him happy and enthralled. The following 15 ideas will help you arrange a kid’s birthday party that will be worth remembering.

The Vintage Theme:   

It is one the oldest and most original birthday party theme for your child’s birthday. The ‘Vintage schoolhouse’ theme is a great idea for any kid’s birthday. It can be used for baby showers and first birthday. This theme is also popular in weddings. Try the vintage cowgirl, vintage circus, vintage train or the vintage books theme for added excitement and fun.



The Rainbow Theme:   

Your child will always be attracted towards colours and a ‘rainbow cake’ on his birthday will be the ultimate pleasurable and palatable item for him. You can make it more interesting by taking help from the internet to learn more about its different versions. Themes like ‘Wizard of Oz’ can work wonders for any kid’s birthday party.



The Superheroes Theme:

Kids love superheroes a lot. Make your child’s superhero his birthday theme and see how his face lightens up with happiness. The concept of using vintage superheroes and other ideas like the ‘super-girl’ comic characters will give a new angle to the birthday party.



The Art Theme:    

There a universal appeal in art that connects it with every heart, be it a small child’s or a grown man’s. Make use of the DIY birthday ideas including various art decor, canvases, art-palette for food, art stations, etc. With the help of tutorials, you can actually give an artistic touch to your child’s birthday party.



The Book Theme:    

One of the most popular themes that can captivate a child is a one based on books. Find out your child’s favourite author and centralize his birthday theme. Especially id your kid is a year or two old, this idea can help your child learn more about the famed authors and their works.



The Grown-up Glam Theme:

Glamour is the ‘in’ thing among elders as much as it attracts children. Whether it is the ‘sweet sixteen’ birthday party or the birthday of a kid one or two years old, this idea will act like fireworks. Girls enjoy glamour as much as boys do, so organizing one such party will only give your child a celebrity-like feeling.



The LEGO Theme:

One of the most inspiring themes is the LEGO theme. It is the perfect birthday idea for toddlers. You can even shop for items to make this theme a success for your kid’s birthday.



The Mustache Theme:

When your little boy is growing into a big man, boost his morale with the moustache theme for his birthday. However, this idea can be used for toddlers like one or two year olds too. Get innovative with suggestions and tutorials from the internet.



The Tea Party Theme:

The famous tea party organized by Alice in her wonderland is what many children fancy. This idea is a sweet and delicious one for a small child’s birthday party.



The Shapes Theme:

Shapes like polka dots, stripes, confetti and chevron are up-coming in kid’s birthday parties. Since the one-year old kids have very little options for their birthdays, this idea can be used to make the party more delectable and inviting.



The Circus or Carnival Theme:

Circus is one of the most enjoyable places for a child. Bringing it home for his birthday is what will intrigue the birthday child as well as the other guests. Make it colourful and organize various tasks for the birthday for your budding two-year old.



The Neon Theme:

Prepare a neon cake for the birthday party and use neon balloons to decorate the place. You should also try sending neon invites to other children for the birthday party. This theme will make him go wild with wonder.



The Disney Pixar “UP” Theme:

The “UP” movie by Disney Pixar is among the celebrated themes for a kid’s birthday. You can also creatively make use of balloons for the birthday with colourful cake and other ideas to make it more exciting.



The Disney Princesses Theme:

For girls, Disney Princesses are the penultimate combination of virtue, grace, beauty and elegance. Make her happy with this theme by dressing her up like any of the characters like Snow White and name it as her birthday party’s theme.



The Automobile Theme:

A clever idea will be to use airplanes, trains or automobiles for your child’s birthday theme. It will also make him learn more about this subject and who knows he will grow up one day to be a pilot.



These interesting and innovative ideas are more than enough to help you get started for your kid’s coming birthday. However, you can make changes in them according to your requirements.

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