17 Week Baby Development… Things & Signs To Look Out For

During the 17 week baby development stage you undergo a few remarkable changes.

Also, as a would-be mom, you’ll undergo several prenatal tests to confirm some crucial parameters. Two of these diagnostic tests are important: triple test and amniocentesis.

These are two very important genetic tests used to check for incidence of neural tube defects and also Down Syndrome. In certain circumstances you’re not required to undergo these tests. But, if you’re a woman of over 35 years, it’s advisable to take the amniocentesis test. This test verifies the presence of Down Syndrome – which gets more likely the older you as mother-to-be becomes.

2 Obvious Things That Happen

One of the remarkable highlight of this time period is the distinct growth of your belly. This is when the weight of the foetus starts putting pressure on your abdomen.

Another significant change is the feeling of breathlessness caused by the enlarged uterus. Fortunately, this problem is very temporary, as the stomach muscles soon start stretching to accommodate the growing uterus. Your uterus will finally settle down into your pelvis, before the end of the 18th week thus making breathing slightly easier.

Nature gives a pregnant woman a wonderful way to feel her baby in her womb!

Get ready to experience the exciting sensation of your tiny baby, kicking very slowly but with certainty! This kicking sensation starts right around the 16th week, and continues throughout pregnancy.

Also, start experiencing the thrilling conversation between your baby and you, in the form of gentle pushes and kicks! These are considered Nature’s signals to tell you that your baby is alive and energetic!

9 Marked Changes

  • At 17 weeks, your baby may weigh about 6 ounces and measure only 6 inches from head to toe. Her head starts gaining some real shape and size in proportional to her body shape.
  • Her muscles strengthen and she’s able to hold her head more erect.
  • The skeletal system starts to add more bone to it, and her whole structure looks more solid and assured.
  • Primary limbs start to form at this stage, while her fingers are getting form nice little pads.
  • The eyes are also slowly shifting towards the front, although the eyelids are still closed.
  • Your baby now develops a sense of hearing and can listen to your own heartbeats.
  • As with any growing and developing being, your baby needs constant nourishment given by the umbilical cord which starts thickening and day by day gets stronger to support the baby.
  • Another curious event is your baby’s urge to consume meuconium, soon after swallowing the amniotic fluid.
  • All major systems like urinary, excretory, respiratory and circulatory system are slowly developing into a full pledged machine!

Finally, as your baby starts to enter the 18th week of development, you can expect more radical changes in its development calendar.

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