18 Week Pregnancy Update & Meet Shefali

Hello everyone. I am Shefali from Gurgaon. You can call me Shef I am extremely excited to write for Wise She. I have been a regular reader of wiseshe blogs especially the baby blog It is honestly a privilege to write for it.

A background about me- I got married to my sweetheart in 2008 after two years of dating. We never thought of starting a family for quite a long time. Also there was no pressure from our parents  so we were taking it easy. Finally we decided to go for it in April 2011(it was mainly my decision). we got pregnant in the second month of trying and were elated as we couldn’t believe it could happen so soon. I called up my mom and my best friend and gave them the good news. Well it was short lived i had a very early miscarriage(also known as chemical pregnancy). My usually regular cycles went for a toss. We decided to take it easy and not try for a while. Come April 2012 we decided to try again. Well again we conceived in the second month. I called my parents, best friend, inlaws and gave the good news. All was well. Suddenly I started spotting one day. Was put on best rest and after few  rounds of meds and ultrasounds I felt confident and spotting stopped.
Excited to see the baby again we went for the 3rd month scan and we saw the lifeless body floating. There was no heartbeat. The baby had passed away. I will not get into details of how i felt. I am sure everyone will be able to understand that to some extent. We got no answers why it happened. I waited for a month to heal and tried again. Got pregnant again the 1st month itself and a chemical pregnancy again. No answers still. It simply meant we could very easily get pregnant but maintaining it was an issue.

My beautiful journey starts from here. We started trying again in  March 2013. Got pregnant in the second month again. It was April this time. Here I am in my 5th month enjoying each day and thanking God and my doctor for it. I changed my doctor on time. My new doctor took me very seriously. I had researched a lot about my issues. Doctor heard them and agreed that I was right. I started with various meds and injections and things progressed normally. I am not on bed rest anymore and expecting the baby in early Jan 2014. I would love to share my journey with you all and in return receive lots of blessings and love.

Its a positive! Taken on 27th April

Week 18 Pregnancy Update:-

1.The nausea still exists. I have to take an anti-nausea pill every night to feel better but I am happy to be out of the vomiting and 24*7 nausea stage
2.Bodypain and cramps
3.Heartburn and indigestion
4.Constant on-sided headache
5.Uterus and pelvic pain due to stretching and baby creating room to move around

Bump: I am showing quite a bit already. According to my doctor its due to my lean skeleton and i am loving showing it off

Milestone: I felt the first baby kick this week. I had been feeling the flutters and rolls since the end of week 15 but the kick made it so obvious that I have a tiny super active baby developing each day inside of me. I could also see and feel the baby kick from outside. Its a little early for a first timer but it simply means the baby is quite healthy.

I attended a breastfeeding event arrange by Mom&Me too this week which turned out to be very informative. Looking forward to such many more informative events

I will be going into more detail in my next week update i.e the 19 week update as I have a big ultrasound scheduled for this wednesday. Do let me know if you want to know something or want me to cover  anything specific in the post.   Always open to questions and would love to help everyone. Love to all!


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