19th Week Pregnancy Update by Shefali

Hello  everyone

Sorry I am a little late with the 19th week update. My inlaws were here as my hubby had to go out of town for some work so was a little tied up. I had a great time this week. Lot of pampering and chit chats My mom in law made two sweaters and a pair of booties too. I loved them and realised how small newborns are. It finally sunk in that I am having a’ baby’ Thankfully no one from the either side of family believes in not buying baby stuff in advance so I will start indulging now!


I had my Level 2 scan in the this week and all went well. Saw the little fingers and little toes wriggling away. Baby weighed 285 grams It was bliss. I was diagnosed with low placenta in the Level 1 scan but thankfully it had moved up this time which means no bed rest YAYY! We had recorded some videos from my hubby’s cellphone for you all but unfortunately he lost all data..grrr… I am quite upset about that but anyways will record from my cellphone next time and save it on my laptop. I also got some routine blood tests done which were good too. All this made me mentally very relaxed and a little more confident about this pregnancy.

1. Nausea much better but persists and sometimes kicks in really badly.
2. Backache – upper and lower both
3. Acidity and tummy pain
4. Braxton hicks(tightening of uterus). Got about 2-3. Informed doctor. She gave me a tab and I have experienced none after that.
5. Headaches are obsessed with me as usual Everyday affair.
6. Random drowsiness
7. Uterus stretch pain
8. Fibroid pain – I have a fibroid outside my uterus. Fibroids tend to increase during pregnancy. It has been increasing a bit and hence painful but will cause no harm to the pregnancy.
9. Thrush- subsided in 2 days on its own.

No  Bump pics this week as hubby was out of town :-(.Will be posting bump pics in the 20 week update very soon


Love you all!

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