20 Birthday Gift Ideas Under INR 500 From Amazon

20 Birthday Gift Ideas Under INR 500 From Amazon

Hello Ladies,

Birthdays are a sheer delight for all the kids as they get pampered a lot during the whole day! Well, at least they make it sound like ” Its my birthday!!” and then get to do anything which they anyhow do in their daily life! I have seen so many kids going all cranky specially on the their birthday when they are supposed to be super chirpy & happy!

Well, getting something for your kid is super simple! Just ask them what they want and probably you might get a mixed idea of what they actually want because actually they want so many things and they are not sure as to how they can come to a conclusion! :-p

So, whether it is your kid’s birthday or a friend’s child birthday, you need to be able to decide on to what gift options you have for them! Also if you are throwing a birthday party for your child, there are return gifts which you need to think of which can be ideal for all the kids and make them happy as well!

Here I have included 20 gift suggestions for kids on all age groups! I have included only those gift suggestions which are under INR 500 because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something which they are not going to keep for a long time! So just being practical here!

1. 42 Pieces Jumbo Art Set Color Set 5 Years+

If your kids is quite fond of drawing & coloring, which I think is a very good thing, then probably a gift set of colors would be a perfect gift idea for any kid in the age group of 3 to 8 years of age!

Price– INR 279 Buy It Here

2. Funny Teddy Cute lightweight Tweety School Bag

An ideal gift for a kid can be their favorite cartoon character bag which they can carry to their school or picnic! Well, even I would love to have a rabbit one like right now!

Price- INR 399 Buy It Here

3. Beauty Set for Girls

Girls are crazy for more girly stuff like tea-pot set, kitchen set or simply get a less cheap version of all the stuff their moms use on a daily basis!

Price– INR 299 Buy It Here

4. Magnetic Puzzle Games/ Boards

Magnetic puzzles are also quite fun as kids tends to move a lot and are always doing something but never sit still unless sleeping! A magnetic puzzle is a good idea for all the extra active kids who tend to misplace items from most board games! Also it makes them explore their creative side as well!

Price– INR 425 Buy It Here

5. Educational Learning Map Puzzle

How about gifting them something which they can learn as well for life long! Specially good for grown up kids is a map puzzle where you get to learn the different continents & countries and where are they situated in the world map!

Price– 299 Buy It Here

6. Peppa Pig Board Books- Set of 6

This set of six books is a great delight for the younger kids who are still figuring out life ahead of the fairy tales & cartoons! Reading it as a bedtime story would be a great idea to get them into beautiful world of dreams!

Price- INR 195 Buy It Here

7. 3 in 1 Craft Kit For Girls

How about some craft for grown up girls! Well, this little kit has craft material to make bracelet & necklace and a trendy owl pouch for the fashionista daughter of yours!

Price– INR 495 Buy It Here

8. Stuffed Toy For Kids

I am sure there are so many kids who simply love stuffed toys & keep them with them as their favorite companion at all times! Gift them their favorite toys this birthday!

Price– INR 259 Buy It Here

9. Garden Tool Set 3-Piece set

Price– INR 315 Buy It Here

10. Minion Sketch Pen Set

You know how kids love their pencils & sketch and keep on misplacing them every time they carry it to school or play with friends. A sketch pen set can make your kid super happy because they use them a lot!

Price– INR 449 Buy It Here

11. Funny Musical Toy

nothing cracks up a kid as a funny toy which jumps on its own! This funny & musical toy is an ideal gift for kids under 3 years of age!

Price– INR 285 Buy It Here

12. Clay Dough set

Clay dough is another great gift for kids as they get to create shapes & many creative abilities can be developed in them!

Price– INR 110 Buy It Here

13. Hot Wheels Set of 5 Cars

Boys love their cars and so do the little boys! This gift can cheer up a little boy like anything!

Price– INR 357 Buy It Here

14. Stationary Set For Girls

Stationary sets are unique and very useful gifts for both girls & boys as they feel great to show them to their friends back in school and engage in writing a lot when the stationary is brand new!

Price– INR 125 Buy It Here

15. Magic Slate For Kids

Kids absolutely enjoy how this magical slate writes & rubs off without any chalk and just a magical pen! Draw anything and rub it magically with your kid!

Price– INR 149 Buy It Here

16. Alphabet Letter Train

This is an ideal learning & playing toy you can gift to a young child making their way to play school! It helps them in understanding the alphabets in a fun way!

Price– INR 419 Buy It Here

17. Fighter Plane Set for Boys

This will particularly appeal to the boy gang in your house and they will jump with joy as they pace their fighter planes all around the terrace as to who is the fastest of them all!

Price– INR 159 Buy It Here

18. Nursery Rhymes Book Set

I am sure they too will like the colorful books and you can make them learn few nursery rhymes together! A perfect gift for toddlers

Price– INR 230 Buy It Here

19. Building Blocks Set

It is an occupying game for the kids and they get to know more about different shapes & how to create things like a wall or a house!

Price– INR 345 Buy It Here

20. Colorful Piggy Bank

We all know the importance of saving money and so a piggy bank should be an ideal gift for a kid so as to make them understand the importance of saving money whatever pocket money they get!

Price– INR 499 Buy It Here


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