20 Things To Do Before Relocating With Your Baby


Relocation is a great challenge; that too when you have to manage it with your baby/toddler child. I recently went through this phase. Not once, not twice, but thrice. That too back to back with very short interval span.

If you are moving to a place with a totally different climate and weather, then it is definitely a matter of concern. Some amount of  preparation is needed before you relocate to your new place.



20 Things To Do Before Relocating With Your Baby:-


  • First and foremost find out if there can be any contacts at your new place before you reach there. Friends of friends, relatives of friends, or friends of relatives, or any possible introduction. This will bring confidence in you when you have to move to the new place and handle all alone.
  • Prepare yourself to handle the worst situations. God forbid anything worse happens.
  • Buy your babies clothing and other belongings from your home town or the city where you have been living so far. You know your shopping destinations well here rather than the new place you are moving to.
  • Some self medicine stock is a must which you have known for your baby so far. Something for fever, colic problem, cough and cold, loose motion, constipation, infection rashes. This is a must since it will take some time to find your doctor in the new place.
  • Carry your home remedies that you have been using for your baby so far. Stuffs like, raisins, ajwain, honey, goose berries which come handy in common ailments.
  • Check which vaccinations or injections are due for your baby. Finish them off before handed in your current city.
  • Take appointment with your paediatrician for a general health check up of your baby.
  • Make it a point to de-worm your baby before you travel and re locate.
  • Learn about the nature of weather before you move to the new city. Buy accessories accordingly for your baby.
  • If your child has some of her favourite toys or books, then make sure you never leave it behind. Because those are their properties and kids will never part themselves from their stuffs.
  • Above all, on a notepad make a list of all that you have to do as and when it strikes your mind. Don’t just keep muttering to yourself ‘this has to be done’, ‘that needs to be purchased’, and so on.
  • Pack all the things that you must carry with peace of mind. Make sure you have a family member to take care of your baby whilst you are busy in the process of relocation.
  • Do not lose your patience while you have lot of work to do. Sleep well, rest well and then get back to work. Your health and fitness takes high priority.
  • It is difficult being a mother. But without your children life would not be so busy. It would without any goal and very boring too.


Do you have any relocation tips to share ?


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