20 Week Pregnancy Update

I am back with my 20 week update

This week was quite happening as this week marked the mid point of my pregnancy. YIPPIIEEE I am half way through!! We celebrated at TGIF with hubby’s friends and did a lot of baby shopping as well!! Will mention the details in my next post. Few products are still to reach me. I met some close friends this week too. Meeting friends now is a luxury in itself. I was bedridden the first four months with bad nausea, vomiting and other complications so now the fact that I can get up and move out is a blessing. I am also trying to go for regular nightly walks with hubby. Its too sweaty here so I am not so consistent yet. Its helping my heartburn so that is a huge motivation.
I experienced a huge difference in baby movements this week. Baby has been super active with his/her karate sessions. The punches and kicks are already making me sore but then obviously I love every second of it



I started a bit of nesting this week. Trying to sort out stuff and empty a cupboard which will be then stuffed with baby bits I cant wait to finish the setting and click pics for you all.
Next week is going to be super busy and tiring for me. One of my fur babies has an operation scheduled for this saturday. Hope all goes well. Do pray for him.

On a little sour note some people around me have been commenting on my body like how its changing and getting fatter and i’ll be piling on loads of kilos at all wrong places etc etc. It does no good for a pregnant lady’s body image. I am quite comfortable with my body but just an advice for anyone who sees a pregnant lady around-Please do not make her conscious of her body and pass stupid comments. It does no good. A pregnant lady is already going through numerous changes physically, emotionally as well as mentally. She needs to eat well and gain weight for her baby-quite obvious. Ok vent over

I made some dietary changes this week. I do not like fruits somehow but I have been eating loads this week all thanks to hubby. I am surely going to continue with it. It has really helped with acidity and bloating My hemoglobin went down a little this week. Doc said its normal for second trimester and goes a little lower in the third. I am filling my tummy with lots of apples and palaak paneer along with few other things. Life is all about food now lol. I love to eat so no complaints at all


1. Nausea – quite bad in evenings but not throwing up yet
2. Headaches
3. lower backache
4. Drowsiness

Hubby felt the baby kicks and jabs this week!! yayy

Noticeable difference in bump since I posted my last pic here. I am super loving it! See yourself

I LOVE this t-shirt. It says – I Love My Bump. cute eh!



I will be back soon!
Love you all,

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