21 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Mom And Baby

21 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Mom And Baby

When a woman starts expecting, she feels a completely different emotion which is rather inexplicable. As she feels her baby growing within her womb, a deep emotional bond of love and affection develops between the mom and her baby. When her gynecologist shows her the baby’s growth stages and movements on the monitor screen during the USG Tests, her excitement level keeps soaring to skyrocketing heights and ends only with tears of joy when the doctor handovers her baby to her, post delivery. This joy is something very divine; it’s the expression of the umbilical bond of love that had developed between the mom and child when it was still in its mother’s womb.

The pregnancy period of a woman is however not free from difficulties. Nausea, breathlessness, swelling of feet, roughness of skin, insomnia, giddiness, constipation, acid reflux or acidity and irritability are some of the common problems which most women face. And then during the advanced months, when your belly starts getting larger the unsightly stretch mark problem plus itchiness in the belly area come, in, to add to your list of problems.

During the pregnancy period women are often advised by doctors and even seniors in the family not to ingest whatever medication they feel like because that may have a negative impact on the baby in their womb. According to recent research Coconut Oil is one safe and 100% natural ingredient that can have awesome benefits for the pregnant woman, for the baby in her womb and also once it arrives into this world.


The kernel of a matured coconut as we all know, yields the coconut oil which is available in almost all grocery or health food stores.

Now let’s take a look at how coconut oil can help a pregnant mom, the baby in her womb or the new born babe:

  • Coconut Oil can act as a powerful immune system booster for the pregnant woman, fetus as well as newborn. This is because it is a rich source of a very potent fatty acid called Lauric Acid which can fight quite effectively against disease causing germs and microbes. Lauric acid in the coconut oil can show its anti-microbial action by boosting the Immunity power of the pregnant mother, the fetus and even the newborn if the mother during her pregnancy period regularly ingests 2-3 tbsp of coconut oil
  • According to Scientific researches, the fat in coconut oil is a healthy fat that prepares a woman’s body ideally for easy conception. The fatty acid in the oil is a medium chained one, easily metabolized by human body. Ingesting the oil prior to pregnancy increases fertility chances, during pregnancy strengthens the immune system of the mother and the fetus and post pregnancy gives the all the essential nutrient supply for breastfeeding. 20 % of the breast milk is made of the lauric acid found in coconut oil. Thus ingesting coconut oil is in fact a must for lactating mothers. It greatly boosts the milk flow
  • Coconut Oil is great remedy for treating the problem of itchiness as well as stretch marks that women get during the advanced pregnancy period. Massaging the belly gently with coconut oil will keep the skin sufficiently moisturized, alleviating itchiness and at the same time keeping the stretch marks at bay. Actually the regular massaging with the oil accelerates the rate of collagen tissue production and you won’t see stretch marks at all on the baby belly of the pregnant woman if they follow this tip
  • The problem of rough skin during pregnancy can be alleviated by adding at least 5-6 tbsp of coconut oil to bath water. The expectant mother may add 2-3 drops of any aromatic essential oil like rose oil, lavender oil etc as well to enhance the fragrance factor. This will give her a thoroughly moisturized skin.
  • If the pregnant woman is too troubled by acidity and acid regurgitation problems, there too coconut oil can help. What she needs to do is to take 1 tbsp of the oil daily. That’ll help her to digest her food easily and prevent the acidity problems.
  • In the initial months of Pregnancy most women are troubled too much by their morning sickness. To prevent their early morning bouts of vomiting and nausea and settle their tumultuous stomach they can again put to use the same coconut oil magic. They can stir 3-4 tbsp of the oil into the bowl of the breakfast cereal or soup or a glassful of warm drink they are taking at breakfast.


  • Often pregnant women due to serious constipation develop the hemorrhoid problem which can be really painful at times. Applying coconut oil on the affected region can soothe the irritation and bring some pain relief.
  • Pregnant women often have a tendency to develop diabetes. This sort of diabetes during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. Ingesting coconut oil according to research can keep blood sugar levels in check.
  • Some pregnant women love to enjoy various sorts of herbal teas and infusion during their pregnancy period. Adding 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil into their herbal drinks can supply their body with all the essential nutrients their body would require to support them through the child bearing process
  • Women, who are in the advanced stages of pregnancy and are nearing their labor, should keep applying the coconut oil on their perineum. This will reduce the chances of painful tissue rupture and even the necessity for the surgical procedure of episiotomy during the baby’s delivery
  • Many pregnant women suffer from the bothersome problem of vaginal dryness which actually is the result of the changes in the hormonal levels during the pregnancy period. This problem might continue post delivery even affecting the woman’s sexual life. The discomfort of the problem can be warded off to a great extent if the woman uses coconut oil as a personal lubricant.
  • Lactating mothers often suffer from cracked nipple problem which can really be quite painful at times. Application of coconut oil on the breastfeed area will again bring them much relief from their throbbing pain. The dry skin on the cracked nipples will heal and the discomfort will naturally be brushed aside. As a result they can feed their baby with utmost love and affection with no pain coming in their way!
  • Once the baby is born, coconut oil can work most potently in removing the cradle cap that most stubbornly sticks onto the baby’s scalp. Here coconut oil can actually function as the ideal Carrier oil that gently loosens the crusty sebum deposits from the baby’s scalp.
  • While changing the newborn’s diaper for the first few days, the coconut oil can work most effectively in removing the glue-like meconium from the newborn’s butt. Actually with application of the oil, the baby’s skin becomes thoroughly lubricated and all sticky residues aptly loosen out.
  • If the baby is suffering from diaper rashes and has become too fussy of late, then one way to relieve the little one is to apply coconut oil on its butts. That’ll soothe the skin of the baby and heal the rashes the natural way. Coconut oil is in fact a super remedy if the baby is suffering from rashes induced by yeast infection.
  • Often babies suffer from thrush which is a kind of yeast infection on the baby’s tongue. One way of treating this issue is to dab that area with a cotton swab soaked in coconut oil regularly.
  • Even the lactating moms are affected yeast infection, generally on their nipples. Dabbing the nipples with coconut oil can also relieve the problem
  • If the baby is suffering from cold & cough, then a homemade coconut oil vapor rub formula can relieve the baby’s nasal congestion and other symptoms related to cold and cough. One effective homemade formula for vapor rub could be a mix of ½ cup of Coconut oil, Eucalyptus Oil (2-3 drops) and Tea tree oil (2-3 drops). Rubbing this mix gently on the baby’s chest as well as nose can give the baby some relief
  • Using coconut oil in the various homemade baby food formulas will only increase the nutritional value of the food and increase the baby’s resistance power against diseases.
  • Giving the baby daily body massage with coconut oil is good for the baby’s bones and muscles. The oil is readily absorbed into the skin and is just appropriate for the delicate skin of the baby. The oil enhances the smoothness of the baby’s skin further. With regular massage the baby will sleep better, get a good appetite and its health will improve.
  • With the arrival of the baby the responsibility of the new mom increases a tenfold. To get an extra pick of energy to manage everything singlehandedly and efficiently coconut oil can again help the new mom. An intake of 1 tbsp of oil daily is just enough

So now you know how beneficial coconut oil can be for a new mom and her newborn. This miraculous oil can indeed help a new mom give her babe the best care as it arrives into this beautiful world

Do you know any uses of Coconut oil ?


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