Hey girls

Hope everyone is doing good.
I am back not with a bang but with viral! hello viral! I am never the sort to end with up with the seasonal  cold but here I am down with bad cold and cough and bodyache. With pregnancy you also get low immunity. Thankfully no fever I am managing with Sualin and home remedies.

I wanted to talk about my diet in this post.

1.Morning milk tea/green tea and biscuit at 8 am. I can ONLY survive with the particular variety called Britannia 50-50 sweet and salty. It has been my angel during morning sickness and still saves me without fail. My house is over-stocked with it.
2.Breakfast at 8:30-8:45 am. Its usually veggie poha/low-ghee paranthe/any form of eggs or pav bhaaji if its a weekend+Juice/lemonade.
3.Mid-morning snack is usually at 12 noon sharp when I get major hunger pangs and i got to eat nomatter what. I get breakfast made in huge quantity so this happens to be my second mini breakfast. A fruit or biscuit or nuts DO not help. I got to eat proper typical food!
4.Lunch at 2:30 pm. Two chapatis with any vegetable and sometimes daal and salad with coriander tomato chutney(a must). I have started detesting daal since I got pregnant so I have a little bowl or none at lunch. Avoiding curd due to cold and cough these days.
5.Evening snack at 5:30-6 pm. Usually tea or lemonade with a sandwich or daal’s very low ghee paratha(weirdly I can survive lentils in this form). Sometimes I just end up having some soup so it just depends. I basically need wholesome food. 
6.Dinner not before 8:30 pm (I have it with hubby so we eat together whenever he comes back from office). 1 or 2 chapatis with veggies and daal(I cant escape daal at night)+salad and chutney. 
So this is the basic breakdown. I raid my fridge at odd times too Nuts and fruits I eat but haven’t mentioned above as there is no set time for it

Of course I do end up eating junk and NOT proud of it. I do eat out BUT all is in moderation. I do not really like fried stuff much and have never made any fried food at home yet ever.

For all those wondering why I did not mention milk anywhere- I am little allergic to milk since childhood so can only drink rarely. I have been including lots of paneer and curd to compensate
I also eat lot of soya and eating chapatis with protein powder mixed in it.
I am a non vegetarian but somehow do not want it much since I got pregnant.
Coming back to my favorite topic. I have been shopping like CRAZY..online of course. I have tons of cuteness to show. Have decided to do a separate post with all the new stuff with lots of pics as soon as I get over with this viral!


1.Body ache
4.Headaches everyday almost
6.Joint pain especially knees but goes away every time I apply Himalaya Herbals Pain oil and massage a bit.
7.Mood swings


I love to play around and do stupid stuff with my pics. Might seem blurry sorry!

Will be back very soon with the 22nd week update
Till then keep shopping and smiling


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