22 Week Pregnancy Update by Shefali

Hello sweeties

I am back and viral is almost gone Time seems to be brisk walking after I hit 21 weeks. Now I just want the time to start running

This week I made ‘THE’ final shopping list. The things I want to purchase before the baby arrives. As I am due in peak winters I want to make sure I have a little extra of everything. I don’t want my elders to run around here and there. I want everyone to relax and be at home for the first 2 weeks at least.

As planned I will do a shopping list post separately I know I will end up adding a lot more to the list but never mind.

This week was full of body aches especially lower pelvic pain. I have been feeling so much pressure it scared it. It lasted for two-three days and then on the third day I saw that my tummy had grown quite a bit so I think it was the growth pain which seems to knock at my door almost after every two weeks. I also suffered from major leg cramps. Resting with my feet up helped a lot.

I have been reading and watching youtube videos extensively about cloth diapering nowadays. I want to share my stash with you all once its complete. Probably would take 2 more weeks. It ll be a super cute stash I promise. I am so excited about it.I have been spending a LOT on it but then that is how it goes with cloth diapering. Initial investment could bother you at first but in the long run its surely cheaper, cuter and healthier Here a sneak peak. The first reusable cloth diaper I bought along with cloth nappy pads

I saw a big change in me. I do not want to have my favourite junk food :-O no outside food, no fried and no hogging. I have almost left all the junk. Even if hubby offers I simply say no. I don’t know how it happened but I am so glad about it. Well maggi is an exception. I eat it once in 10 days or so and that too atta maggi so I think I can ignore that much

Sadly I have stopped going for walks. Have zero energy to get ready and go out. Feeling super hot and humid. So no physical activity would mean even worse heart burns and unwanted weight gain. Lets see how I manage in the coming weeks. Atleast for now I have no energy at all. This week has been quite dull in general as well.

22 Week Pregnancy Symptoms:

3.Nausea accompanied with vomiting
6.Leg cramps
7.Lower pelvic pressure

22 Week Pregnancy Bump:-

Here is my 22nd week bump Do you notice any difference from the last week pic?

Love and wishes,

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