23 Week Pregnancy Update by Shefali

23 week pregnancy development

Hello girls

It’s me again! What a hectic, painful & tiresome week it has been!

My labrador had a surgery this week(which later proved to be total unnecessary). So we had to leave our pug at my moms place. I dad to feed my lab at regular intervals by hand and give timely meds. I got so tired and sad at the end with him crying loudly all the time because of his stitches. I landed up with extremely sore leg pain which made me cry. Hubby had to take a leave from office so that I could be on complete bed rest. So pretty sad week it was.

On the other hand my hubby could not believe I was shopping so much but when I showed him the shopping list he relaxed a bit hehe. There is so much to buy even I feel shocked at times. My mother in law bought few clothes and inner as well. It is really getting exciting day by day. I can’t wait to meet and hold by baby in my arms yayyy!! If only I could sleep off and get up AFTER labour

Next week I will be hitting the ‘Viability week’. It is quite reassuring to know that if God forbid baby is born prematurely now he/she will at least have a chance to survive with the help of a very good neonatal care. My next target will be to hit 28 weeks. I have read that babies can breath on their own if born at 28 weeks. I know I should not be obsessing over all this but every week has been a major milestone for me. After so many losses I had many many doubts about the future. I am so thankful to God for taking care of my baby and giving me strength and hope to embrace each morning. It is truly a dream come true to be able to carry and nourish my baby inside me.

Now something really funny! My baby has been swimming in there ALL the time. I see my tummy rolling in waves literally almost throughout the day. I can see and feel the head and the bum so many times but of course I cannot differentiate between the two obviously. I get lot of hard kicks on my bladder and cervix as well. To be honest they are quite painful and uncomfortable BUT I will not trade them for anything else. I will probably have a hyper active super naughty baby just like my dear hubby was in his childhood. He was a total terror

I have my doctor’s appointment coming up next week. I a quite excited to know about the baby’s growth and my weight as well Wish me luck everyone!!

23 Week Pregnancy Symptoms:-

1.Irritable and low mood. Super touchy all the time.
3.Extreme body and leg aches
4.Headache – on and off

23 Weeks Pregnancy Bump:

My bump at 23 weeks and 5 days. I think my bump has not increased much this week. Looks the same as last week. What do you think?

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