24 Weeks Pregnancy Update by Shefali

24 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Hello friends

Three cheers for the Viability Week! 24th week it is! Feels like  a major milestone. Few more weeks to enter the last trimester!

Had my doctors’s appointment this week and it took us 25 minutes to locate the baby’s heartbeat. He/she was kicking the probe and running here and there!! I have gained weight about 8 kgs till now. According to my doctor all is well. I had a long list to ask her. She told me not to have crocin pain relief anymore I have been taking one per week due to severe headaches, really bad thigh and knee pain this week. She said it can lower the fluid as well as oxygen supply to the baby. GOD! was I freaked out!! I will pass out in pain but no more crocin now. I am going to start walking again energy or no energy. That might help she said. She also asked me to count the baby kicks from now on. After meals in the next one hour there should be atleast 3-4. I get kicked way more than that so I am relaxed in that department.

She asked me to get the growth and colour doppler scan done at 28 weeks along with the GTT, urine and cbc test. I hope all will be well. Will keep you all updated. I have been waiting for the 4D scan so I am tooo excited Will post pics here too.

I did a very stupid thing this week I ended up eating expired mayo and threw up like crazy! So now I am extra cautious of what I am eating along with the dates.

I have been sooo touchy this week!! Crying /feeling bad/fighting on stupid stuff. Thanks to pregnancy hormones. I feel so damn emotional! Thankfully it isn’t showing on my skin yet. I hope this emotional upheaval subsides soon. It gets very difficult to explain it to everyone around me.

Got to know hubby will be going on an official trip to US in October for  5 days  Girls let me know if there is anything special I should ask him to get from there of course pregnancy or baby related

With the onset of the 24th week my pee trips have increased like crazy almost three times more. The number increases with the bladder kicks.

OK guys a secret! We haven’t announced our pregnancy yet to friends and relatives because of the past losses we faced. We plan to tell them next(seventh) month. I am really looking forward to that Tired of turning down meet ups and giving excuses. Will tell when I will meet them for Durga Puja

24 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms:-

1. Nausea
2. Thigh and knee pain. Had little swelling around the area but subsided in 3 days with total rest.
3. Headache
4. Uterus and tummy stretch pain. Very uncomfortable especially while sitting.
5. Very moody and emotionally low

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