25 Books For Beginner Kids For Reading

25 Books For Beginner Kids For Reading

Hey Everyone,

I am back after a while and now that the summer vacations have started I wanted to share how I have planned out few things for my daughter! She is an avid reader and loves to read different books. Also she finishes a book quite quickly so I have to keep a stock of different books on various subjects so that she can read new things each day!

Well, if you too have a kid who has just started reading, now is the perfect time to introduce them to the magical world of books which is far better than the stupid games & visuals available on mobile phones these days!

Here I have some of the best suggestions of books from my daughter’s collection which you too can buy for your kids too who are beginners to reading!

Read It Yourself With Ladybird

Alice In Wonderland

Price: INR 99

Buy it from here

Based on the classic story by Lewis Carroll. Alice is feeling bored when she finds herself following a large white rabbit down a rabbit hole.


Price: INR 99

Buy it from here

Pinocchio is a naughty puppet who wants to be a real boy. Find out what happens when he runs away from home.

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

Price: INR 99

Buy it from here

The classic fairy tale. When the town of Hamelin is overrun by rats, the Pied Piper arrives to sort out the problem with a magic tune.

The Wizard Of Oz

Price: INR 99

Buy it from here

When Dorothy and her little dog Toto end up in the Land of Oz, they and their friends the scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion have many adventures on their way to see the Wizard of Oz!

The Day The Crayons Quit

Price: INR 299

Buy it from here

Poor Duncan just wants to colour in. But when he opens his box of crayons, he only finds letters, all saying the same thing: We quit!

The Day The Crayons Came Home

Price: INR 256

Buy it from here

The hilarious sequel to the prize-winning, international bestseller The Day the Crayons Quit!

Ladybird Mini

Colours And Shapes

Price: INR 99

Buy it from here

Learning to recognise and name colours and shapes in an important step in developing your child’s vocabulary. This bright book is designed to help parents amuse, interest and at the same time teach their children vital early learning skills.

Big And Little

Price: INR 99

Buy it from here

Learning the concepts of comparing and sorting is vital in helping young children develop vocabulary and understand the world around them.

My First Creativity Book

  • Things That Go
  • Under The Sea

Price: INR 295

Buy it from here

Pick up your pens and get ready for pages and pages of undersea fun!

  • Princess

There are clever colouring exercises, simple dot-to-dots, spot the differences, mazes, matching puzzles and make-and-do activities.

  • On The Farm

Price: INR 979

Buy it from here

Its theme is farms and farm animals, and its appealing illustrations show cows, chicken, pigs, horses, and other animals children will recognize.

Monkey Puzzle

Price: INR 295

Buy it from here

Monkey Puzzle is a clever, funny and charming tale from the unparalleled picture-book partnership of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

Let’s Read! Tyrannosaurus Drip

Price: INR 135

Buy it from here

When Tyrannosaurus Drip lands in the wrong nest, don’t be fooled by his size. This little dinosaur is brave, and very clever!

The Tiger-skin Rug

Price: INR 179

Buy it from here

It’s amazing how easy it is for the tiger to pass himself off as a rug – he enjoys a life of luxury with the rajah’s family, snacking on midnight feasts and playing with his children.

Spot’s First Walk

Price: INR 460

Buy it from here

Spot goes for a long walk in the country and discovers many fun toys and friendly animals during his adventure.

Sharing A Shell

Price: INR 269

Buy it from here

The tiny hermit crab loves his new shell. He doesn’t want to share it — not with a blobby purple anenome and a tickly bristleworm. But life in the rock pool proves tougher than Crab thinks, and soon he finds he needs his new housemates in this rollicking story of sea, shells and friendship.

How Giraffe Became So Tall

African folklore stories present an interesting story on how the giraffe got so tall!

The Selfish Crocodile

Price: INR 179

Buy it from here

Astoundingly bright, bold illustrations bring to life all the wonderful creatures of the forest in a rainbow of colors.

The Best Nest

Two birds face many decisions and dangers before finding the Best Nest.

Are You My Mother?

This the story of a young bird that goes in search of its mother after hatching from its egg. It’s a beautiful story of how a baby bird hatches from its egg when the mother bird is away from the nest. And hence begins the adventure of the baby bird as it goes around asking everyone it meets on the way, if they are the bird’s mother.

Struggle For India’s Freedom

An informative summary of the historic events that took place during the struggle for Indian Independence! A very informative approach for the new readers!

History Of India

A brief history of India, its civilization, religious background, mythological connections and everything you need to known about our great country!

The Magic School Bus Books

A wide range of books with an interesting plot and various situations spun in a story for the beginners!

  • On The Ocean Floor
  • Inside The Human Body

Price: 202

Buy it from here

  • In The Time Of The Dinosaurs

Price: INR 180

Buy it from here

  • Inside The Earth

Price: INR 184

Buy it from here

  • Inside A Beehive
  • Lost In The Solar System

Price: INR 203

Buy it from here

Little Golden Books

  • Scuffy The Tugboat

Price: INR 188

Buy it from here

  • Seven Little Postmen

Price: INR 181

Buy it from here

  • The Merry Shipwreck

Price: INR 225

Buy it from here

Ladybird Minis Mad About Bugs

Price: INR 99

Buy it from here

Mad About Bugs, from Ladybird, is full of buggy facts! Are you mad about bugs? From spiders and snails to butterflies and bees, this book is packed with fascinating facts and key information for all young creepy-crawly enthusiasts.

Ladybird Minis Mad About Sharks

From fins and teeth to babies and ancient ancestors, this book is full of fascinating facts and information for all young shark enthusiasts.

Little Miss & Mr. Men Classic Books

The Mr Men and Little Miss have been delighting children for generations with their charming and funny antics. Bold illustrations and funny stories make Mr Men and Little Miss the perfect story time experience for children aged two up!

Mr. Men Classic Books

Mr Sneeze Buy it from here

Mr. Bump Buy it from here

Mr. Dizzy Buy it from here

Mr. Good Buy it from here

Mr. Fussy Buy it from here

Mr. Slow Buy it from here

Mr. Skinny Buy it from here

Little Miss

  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Buy it from here
  • Little Miss Greedy
  • Buy it from here
  • Little Miss Fun
  • Buy it from here


  • Little Miss Tidy

Buy it from here

Buy it from here


Well, I hope you like this list of extensive books for the early beginners for reading! You can try picking up few and see if your kid finds them easy to read and understand and then introduce more such books!

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