25th Pregnancy Week Updates


 Hello people !

Hope everyone is doing well First of all sorry I have been away for soooo long.. My fingers were giving me a hard time. Too much pain and numbness. They swelled up a little in between too. It wasn’t noticeable but I had to take off my rings so that explained it all. Now I am wearing them again so I think they are back to normal thankfully. Pain still exists though but not taking away my sleep.

I got some relief from my headaches. I get them thrice a week or so only now. It has been replaced by body aches which feel like pulled muscle and nerve pain. I think peaches loves to press and lay on all the wrong areas

Now that I am this far I am confident that this will be a take home baby. Motherly feelings are kicking in. I try and talk to the baby at times but honestly I feel like a fool. Not able to say anything. I wonder how others talk to their babies like this. Need some tips

I finally spoke to my doctor regarding my bodyache and knee/elbow pains. I asked her if  I could increase my calcium dose and she doubled it. Though my levels were quite good but I had read online that they tend to drop as the pregnancy moves towards the third trimester and same goes for iron. I seriously feel my iron has dropped further too. At 10 weeks it was 12, at 20 it was 10.8. I have another draw at 28 or 29 weeks so we shall see.

My hubby has been reading my mind a lot these days. Somehow he gets to know what I am craving for at that very minute. He gets eatables/drinks for me without even a slight mention from my side. Things which I rarely eat and never mention. I freak out whenever it happens :-O Has happened atleast 4-5 times now. I wonder what is going on but of course its great for me

I have been thinking of making a list of the hospital bag. I know its early but hearing about so many early labour stories I want to be prepared by 32 weeks for sure. No delay at all. I would be having a c-sec in second half of December but still want to be ready by mid November atleast in case I get early labour or some other issue(hope not) . No normal delivery due to scar tissue issues. I am not too comfortable talking about it in an open forum but if anyone wants to know you can contact me directly

I have two posts planned regarding my baby shopping and maternity wear but because of my bodyaches and finger issue I am not able to arrange it and take pics. I will try and work on the maternity wear post first next week hopefully as my husband is going out of country for 5 days and I will have lot of unwanted free time! It will be a good exercise to divert my mind too.

Symptoms this week:

1. Nausea – Severe if I forget to take my anti-nausea pills. I take one pill every night before sleeping.
2. Headaches – Less occurrence but exist nonetheless
3. Bodyache & joint pain – Killing :/
4. Finger pain and numbness – Bad!
5. Acid reflux – New addition to the list of symptoms and I think it will be loyal to me till the end.

Milestone this week:

I can feel & touch baby’s feet on my navel a lot of times!! Well I am 90% sure they are feet as I can feel the kicks there too. Will get to know for sure in the upcoming weeks

Bump :

Introducing my furbabies my life MAX(labrador) & MANGO(PUG)-

p.s really sorry for the bad quality pics! couldn’t take more because of all the aches.

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