26 Week Pregnancy update by Shefali

Hello girls!

Hope everyone is doing great

I am little better than before hurray! Week 26 means..this is the last week of my second trimester. Can’t believe that I will be entering THE third trimester next week. Now that winters are approaching time will move forward quickly. I am soo excited as well as nervous! Both my in-laws and parents still haven’t broken the pregnancy new to our relatives. Even my closest cousins do not know. Everybody seems to be too cautious about me. I am in no hurry to tell too.

Hubby has been very busy with office work and meetings this week hence we could not go out anywhere at all and my daily evening walks have taken a back seat too totally. I am just not able to walk because of so much pelvic pressure and breathlessness. I try and move around as much as possible at home. My doggies make sure that I am on my toes most of the time

I met my best friend after almost 6 years. She stays in U.S now. She did not know about my pregnancy so it was super amazing to see the surprised expressions on her face and to meet her after soooo long. We were literally screaming with joy when we met I miss her lots! She’ll be coming back next Diwali when baby will be almost 11-12 months old!

I have started feeling that its going to be a baby boy. Few people commented too on my tummy’s shape and said boy as well. What do you guys think? Do let me know in the comments below We just want a healthy baby. Gender does not matter. Though I am super curious to know now I am tired of shopping for neutral colours and NEED some pink or blue. I wish we were allowed to know in the eighth month atleast. The mystery is so not exciting to me whereas hubby does not want to know at all. He wants to experience the surprise.

I am bringing a little change to my pregnancy updates from this week Hope you all will like it.

Lots of Love,


P.S – Do let me know about your pregnancy 26th week pregnancy changes if you remember them or going through them

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