28th Week Pregnancy Update by Shefali

28th Week Pregnancy

Hey girls!
I am back again. Internet was not working so could not post the updates. Felt so handicapped without the internet! Hope everyone is doing well.This week has been a complete downer. I had been so excited for my 28th week growth scan if you all remember.. Well all went well at the ultrasound clinic. Saw our baby’s face and we kept staring!! Baby was blinking eyes, yawning and had one arm resting on his/her head. Cutest thing on the planet!! Can’t write much as I have really no words to explain that moment Don’t have the pic with me as I forgot my file at the doctors clinic

Ok so I went to my doctor same evening with the reports and guess what she scared the shit out of me by saying that baby’s growth is not satisfactory at all (baby weight is fine though). Basically the abdominal circumference is less and that I need to eat a lot of protein and prescribed me tons of supplements and a massive food chart. Girls I can’t tell you how it all felt. So discouraging. The funny part was the person who did the scan (supposed to be the best radiologist in gurgaon) said at the end of the scan that everything is ‘First Class’. So the big difference between the two appointments was super strange.

I have cried and been depressed a lot this week. I know not good for the baby and this helplessness sucks. I spoke to few of my online friends who are due before me and some who have already delivered. I compared reports, saw online growth charts and found my report was fine!! Strange again right. Anyways I think going by my past losses my doctor is just being super cautious so its ok BUT giving tension like this isn’t a good thing to do too.

I am feeling better now. Doctor has asked me to see her after 2 weeks and  to go for a repeat grown scan at 32 weeks. I am very sure baby has gained more weight now so fingers crossed. I am anxiously waiting for this scan now. Please I request everyone to pray for my scan.

28th Week Pregnancy Updates:-

  • Week – 28 weeks
  • Days remaining – 84 days
  • Weight of baby – About 1.005 kg ( At the scan my baby’s weight was 1.135 kg. Average usually is 1.085 kg)
  • Length of  baby – About 38 cm
  • My weight gain till now – 8.2 kgs
  • Stretch marks – Red marks on sides of the tummy
  • Baby movements – Movements are super hard as if baby is outgrowing the tummy :-O
  • Craving – Didn’t want to eat anything. Was put on high protein diet. Eating every 1 and half hrs. Hating food at the moment.
  • Sleep – Sleepy and very tired. Don’t want to step put of the bed. Probably the extra food in my belly is causing this!
  • Symptoms – Bad nausea, clumsiness, acid reflux is killing, depressed and low
  • Waiting for – My 32th week repeat growth scan and doc appointment after 2 weeks!
  • Bump – Heavy and painful

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