29th Week Pregnancy Update By Shefali

 29th Week Pregnancy Update

Hey girls

Hope everyone is doing superb.. I have been super lazy this week. Have been physically feeling too heavy and lethargic. Didn’t want to get out of bed even for brushing or loo trips. Last week’s appointment has pulled my already cranky mood down a lot. Thanks to my hubby he has always been extremely supportive and taken care of me like a princess. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Just wanted this week to pass quickly as I have my doctor’s appointment next week and wanted to get checked again. Basically I want the doctor to check the tummy and let me know whether baby has grown well since last week or not. I really need to know where the extra food, the protein and extra supplement is going. Not to forget, the extra weight I seem to have put on suddenly.

Now coming to my all-time favourite topic shopping-

I bought 3 diaper bags. Yes, you read it right! 3

1. Neutral for both hubby and me. I know he will never be comfy carrying girly bags and I do not want to torture him I love the bag totally. It has lot of space and compartments. The size is superb for long journeys as well.

Mothercare messenger change bag : Black

2. I had to get a girly classy bag for myself. I wanted something that didn’t look like a diaper bag and I finally found something that I love . This too has lot of space and compartments

My milestone sparkle diaper bag :

3. Ok so I didn’t need this. I bought it just because it was kiddy and super cheap. Obviously it has no compartments inside Will use it at home or just for little strolls. It is just an extra and I do not plan to carry it around at good places hehe

I am extremely happy with all my diaper bag purchases and I have one more lined up. Will get it very soon and post the picture. That would be the last diaper purchase I promise

To sum it up, this week has been crap BUT as always the shopping angel saved my life

Weekly update:

  • Week  – 29 weeks
  • Days remaining  – 77 days
  • Weight of baby  – About 1.153 kg
  • Length of  baby  – About 38.6 cm
  • My weight gain till now  – 9 kgs
  • Stretch marks  – More red marks on sides of the tummy
  • Baby movements  – PAINFUL
  • Craving – Anything other than protein please :-/
  • Sleep –  Super sleepy and dead tired. Don’t want to step put of the bed.
  • Symptoms – Increased nausea especially at mornings, clumsiness, acid reflux, low mood
  • Waiting for – My 32th week repeat growth scan and doc appointment next week.
  • Bump – Super heavy
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